Update: 11/10/2017

Had some rain here in the last couple days but the river remains in excellent shape.  I’ve been watching discharge and it doesn’t seem like the water will go off color, just my guess.  Freezing levels are low enough so most rain falling in higher elevations should be snow and melting snow in lower elevations tends to filter into the ground so, even though we are expecting more rain I’m guessing the river will remain in good shape.  No pics tonight, just an update of what I expect for the weekend.

Update: 11/1/2017

This post is a day off, I took the pics yesterday and went fishing yesterday.  I didn’t catch anything but think I felt a rock or two.  Planned to fish and post this evening but it’s too rainy so I bailed on the fishing.  Pics taken last evening 11/1, nice water!  Rivers’ in good shape and I did see 10 or 12 Coho slide by quite near me but I didn’t hook any.water11117_awater11117_bwater11117_c

Update: 10/26/2017

The Klickitat is in much better shape today.  Discharge has dropped to 1220 cfs as of this blog.  Over 2′ of vis today, here’s a pic taken around 11:30 am at the usual spot.water102617

Update: 10/25/2017

River keeps dropping and clearing, it’s fishable today.  Flows down to slightly over 1300 cfs and should keep dropping.  Still retains a brown tint but vis is close to 2 feet.  Took the following pic around 2:45 this afternoon.water102517

Update: 10/24/2017

The Klickitat is dropping and coming back into shape.  It’s still pretty much off color but quite a bit better than yesterday, discharge has dropped down to ~1500 CFS..  I heard fishermen were doing quite well targeting Coho in the Klickitat Gorge which is just below the Fisher Hill Bridge.  If I were to guess I’d say it’ll be fishable tomorrow (Weds.) and maybe excellent on Thursday.  Here’s a pic of the water around 2 pm today at the town boat landing.


Update: 10/23/2017 after the rains

We experienced quite a bit of rain last Friday and Saturday.  The river rose from around 1100cfs to 4500cfs. and it all happened very quickly.  Flow is dropping now but the river is still mostly mud.  I do expect conditions to improve quickly.  Could even be fishable tomorrow (Tuesday) but that’s a hopeful guess.  Looks like Coho numbers over Bonneville are decent so we should see some coho and maybe a few late fall chinook, steelhead should continue trickling in too.  Here’s a pic of today’s water from the usual spot, vis under 2 inches.water102317

Update: 10/20/2017

We had a good bit of rain yesterday and last night.  The river took on some color but it’s not bad, still fishable from my perspective.  Discharge increased around 300 CFS in the last 24 hours.  Looks like it’ll peak at around 1200 CFS today but may increase again over the weekend.

The weather forecast suggests more rain today and throughout the weekend.  Looks like wind will be blowing too so the fall leaf hatch will likely be occurring.   My guess the water conditions will be changing, getting better and getting worse depending on location and time.  It’s a crapshoot for the weekend, I can’t try to guess how and when things will improve or get worse.  Here’s a pic at the town landing around 11:30 AM today.water102017


Long awaited update: 10/11/2017

Apologies for my lack of recent posts.  Nothing much has changed though the water has dropped a bit.  Water is as clear as the Klickitat gets and discharge remains higher than average for this date.  Discharge currently sits above 870 CFS, average is just over 730 CFS so we have good water and plenty of it.

I haven’t heard of any better than average fishing results the entire season.  We expected salmon and steelhead returns to be lower this year so nothing is very surprising.  Fall chinook passage over Bonneville appears to be better than expected but the fish that would normally be spawning behind my home aren’t there.  Coho should be showing too.

I snuck down to the river this evening to check for myself.  Perfect water but only a few taps to my fly, nothing I’d assume was anything larger than 6 or 8 inches.  My fly was tied on a 1/0 fly hook so I got lucky the little ones failed at impaling themselves on it.  Here is a pic of beautiful fall steelhead water.