Update: 10/20/2017

We had a good bit of rain yesterday and last night.  The river took on some color but it’s not bad, still fishable from my perspective.  Discharge increased around 300 CFS in the last 24 hours.  Looks like it’ll peak at around 1200 CFS today but may increase again over the weekend.

The weather forecast suggests more rain today and throughout the weekend.  Looks like wind will be blowing too so the fall leaf hatch will likely be occurring.   My guess the water conditions will be changing, getting better and getting worse depending on location and time.  It’s a crapshoot for the weekend, I can’t try to guess how and when things will improve or get worse.  Here’s a pic at the town landing around 11:30 AM today.water102017


Long awaited update: 10/11/2017

Apologies for my lack of recent posts.  Nothing much has changed though the water has dropped a bit.  Water is as clear as the Klickitat gets and discharge remains higher than average for this date.  Discharge currently sits above 870 CFS, average is just over 730 CFS so we have good water and plenty of it.

I haven’t heard of any better than average fishing results the entire season.  We expected salmon and steelhead returns to be lower this year so nothing is very surprising.  Fall chinook passage over Bonneville appears to be better than expected but the fish that would normally be spawning behind my home aren’t there.  Coho should be showing too.

I snuck down to the river this evening to check for myself.  Perfect water but only a few taps to my fly, nothing I’d assume was anything larger than 6 or 8 inches.  My fly was tied on a 1/0 fly hook so I got lucky the little ones failed at impaling themselves on it.  Here is a pic of beautiful fall steelhead water.


Update: 9/28/2017

The water remains perfect.  Heard of some steelhead being caught recently but haven’t heard much about fall chinook. There has been lots of pressure in the Columbia at the mouth of the Klickitat so there must be plenty of fish out there but they don’t seem to be getting upstream.  I usually fish a run where fall chinook spawn and flop around early and late in the day but I haven’t seen any sign of them.

Took this pic at the usual spot this morning around 10:45.  Water looks great.


Update: 9/21/2017 edited

The rains have stopped as of today (thursday).  The river rose a little but remains in about perfect shape.  I fished for a couple hours behind my home yesterday and hope to go out again this evening.  Took pics yesterday and today, looks like steelhead green to me.  First pic is today’s water taken at the usual spot and second is after I walked into the water yesterday.  Should be good water for the weekend and the small increase in discharge could get the fall chinook moving.water92117Yesterday’s waterwater92017EDIT:  Didn’t expect rain but we’re getting more in the lower valley right now and I’ll assume more/heavier rain is falling in the upper watershed.  10% chance of rain tomorrow and through the weekend, that’s not much chance but who knows.  If we get a gully washer in the upper watershed we could see turbidity increase tomorrow.

Update: 9/15/2017

Water is back to almost steelhead green, should maybe call it chinook green.  Temps have fallen dramatically and the river shows it.  Should be good water throughout the weekend but we’re expecting rain next week so it could go brown again.  Took this pic around 2:45 pm today.water91517b

Update: 9/14/2017

Water continues to improve.  Should have very good water for the weekend.  I expect the water to improve daily until we get fall conditions.  Fall chinook numbers over Bonneville are looking decent and those targeting fall chinook in the Klickitat are increasing also.

This pic was taken around 11:20 am at the usual spot, looks like vis is approaching 2′.


Update: 9/12/2017

Just looked at the 10 day weather forecast and must say I like it!  Highs in the 70’s for a few days and then dropping into the 60’s, wonderful!  Bonneville passage is still crappy for steelhead but chinook have taken a recent jump.  Year to date numbers are very poor for both steelhead and fall chinook but since chinook school they are typically much easier to find, while also being more numerous.

The sky was clear and blue this morning but this afternoon it’s smokey big time.

The river is dropping slowly and clearing slowly.  Temps on Mt. Adams are predicted to be falling too, freeze level predicted to fall to 9000′ and stay close through the weekend.  Beginning Friday we could be seeing the best water we’ve seen in a long while.  Here’s a pic of today’s water in town at 2:15pm.Water91217

Update: 9/10/2017

The water improved a bit today.  I think the cooler temps and coolish nights are helping a bunch.  Looks like close to 1.5′ of vis this evening in town.  Did a shuttle mid-day and depending on the light I saw what looked like a greenish tint to the water.  Took the following pic at 7pm, doesn’t look green in the pic and didn’t look green to me but it’s definitely better than yesterday.  Bonneville passage via DART has not been updated for the last 6 days so no info on that front.  The fish counters were sent home due to the fires in the vicinity.  Water91017

Update: 9/9/2017

The water didn’t improve today as I thought it would.  The sun is lower in the sky and the days are getting shorter and daily high temps have dropped so water conditions should be improving.

This extended period of turbidity isn’t normal or expected from my perspective.  Today I was reminded of some issues regarding the Glenwood irrigation district.  It’s been suggested the diversion from the Big Muddy into the Hell Roaring ditch has been stopped so the Big Muddy is delivering all it’s sediment into the Klickitat.  I’m guessing, based on a number of indicators and suggestions, that this could be a cause for increased turbidity.  No pics tonight, sorry.

Update: 9/8/2017

Temps have cooled down, we’re expecting low 80’s through the weekend.  Water has improved but not as much as I anticipated.  I’m told the “in-river” work was completed yesterday around noonish but looking at the water makes me wonder if that’s actually true.  Lots of brown in the water which is generally not attributable to glacial melt.  Glacial melt usually gives us a greyish color overall, not brown.  The following pic was taken at 10:30 am at the usual spot.   Over a foot of vis and should be improving other the weekend.water9817