Update: 9/27/2011

Must have rained on the mountain the night before last. Got some color this evening, think it’ll pass overnight. Should be good tomorrow (Weds) through Saturday, assuming weather forecasts are reasonably good.

Update: 9/25/2011

Weekend fishing was tough, increased turbidity and weather changes seem to have put the fish down.

This week we expect flows to drop and a notable improvement in water clarity…cool weather means clearer water.  Fishing should improve this week.  Most fish saw fewer opportunities to be hooked due to fewer fishermen on the water.

This week could be a great catching week!!

Update: 9/22/2011

The Klickitat flows spiked up overnight and some color was added. Vis currently about 2.5′.  We believe Mt. Adams had some rain yesterday. This reduced vis is positive for salmon anglers but equally disappointing for the flyfishing steelheaders…but 2.5′ is well within the fishable limits for the fly guys.  Expect clearing unless Adams receives more rain.

Update: 9/16/11

Chinook are here in numbers, lots of hooking but not as much landing, well under 50%.  Fish, including steelhead seem more robust than usual.

Turbidity…what turbidity, vis is 4’+ and temps suggest it’ll stay that way for a bit.  Flyfisherman will find more steelhead on the margins, chinook are currently dominant.

Cover more water and expect more hookups!!

Update: 9/14/2011

Cooler weather forcasts suggest clarity will be improving over the next few days.  Today it’s about 2′.

Fall chinook are here and steelhead continue to trickle in.  It’s time for some fishing.