Update: 11/25/11

The Klickitat came back into shape way quicker than I anticipated. It’s a bit high but vis is good 3’+. Fished Thanksgiving afternoon and found this wild winter fish at about 3pm, second time through the run.

Update: 11/23/11

Flows doubled overnight and the water is brown, vis less than a foot. Could be over for the season but I’m hoping for another day or two of fishable water. Hopefully it’ll clear by early next week. Season ends 11/30/11, next Wednesday is the last opportunity.

Update: 11/22/11

River came up a bit, soft rain from time to time, vis is down to about 3’…still good. If the river begins to drop the steelheading should become much more interesting. Check flows and fish the Klickitat if it’s dropping. Only 8 days left.

Update: 11/10/11

Fishing pressure is way down. Lot’s of coho in the river, some will take a fly.  Fished this evening and saw 15 or so coho and one steelhead that was cruising through quite quickly.  Water is clear and the wading is easy.

Update: 10/31/2011

The Klick remains in great shape, as clear as it gets.  This is the time for the flycasters to visit, fishing pressure is way down.  Many have put their rods away and picked up their rifles as the hunting seasons are in full swing, Modern firearm for Elk opens shortly.

November has been good to me.  There are still plenty of steelhead around and fresh fish continue entering the river.