Update: 6/25/12

Flows spiked on Saturday and turbidity increased a bit but nothing dramatic.   The Klickitat is dropping once again and clarity is excellent. 

Check out the shuttle page for important info regarding the closure of Hwy 142 at mile 17.  This may impact your fishing plans.

Update: 6/22/12

We’ve had light rain on & off all day.  Lower river is rising slowly, upper river (gage above the West Fork), has shot up ~200 cfs.  That equates to a 20% flow increase in the high country.  I fear this will bring the chocolate water tomorrow.  Rain is projected to end around this evening but clearing usually takes a bit more time.  Hope my projection is wrong, if you see the gage at Pitt shoot up over 400cfs bet on turbidity, maybe lot’s of it..

Update: 6/17/12

Discharge has been screaming up all day, we had heat yesterday.  Fished this evening and vis was about 2′ for the wading angler.  Think discharge will begin falling hard tomorrow. Weather forecast suggests cooler temps for a number of days.  Water clarity should improve for the next 5 days or so.

Update: 6/13/12

River has come up a bit but clarity remains excellent.  Last Saturday Dave brought a friend to the Klickitat, Valerie.  This was her first attempt at steelheading and her first attempt with a spey rod, and look what she found. 

Update: 6/9/12

Flow is dropping and vis is as good as it gets!  Still flowing strong at around 2450 cfs. however.  There is water to fish if you pay attention.  Steelhead and chinook are being hooked every day.  Concentrate on soft bank water for steelhead.  Chinook are where they are.

Retention of adult hatchery spring chinook opened today from 400′ above Lyle Falls to the Glenwood Hatchery. 

It’s a great time to fish the river, few fishermen and good numbers of fish.

Update: 6/2/12

400+ cfs added last night (6/1/12)… and turbidity increased.  Vis dropped to about 1.5′ today.  Looks like discharge has peaked and is heading down, that means clearing.  Still very high but there’s water to fish.

Congrats to Travis for “day one success” on a swung fly