Update: 7/30/2012

We’ve had a week of good water, 3’+ clarity.  Weather forcast suggests it’ll hold through the weekend.  Fishing pressure will be low until the weekend.  If you’re thinking about fishing the Klickitat go for mid-week if you can.

Update: 7/23/2012

It’s been tough water…low vis and high flows.  Water clarity improved today and flows continue to drop.  It’s now really green…steelhead green!  Weather forcasts suggest it’ll hold for a while, probably keep dropping and clearing.  Consider this week if you get the chance.  There should be alot of fresh fish in the river and fishing pressure has been way down.

Update: 7/18/2012

The Klickitat is back to steelhead green.  Vis is 2’+ and pressure has been way down.  There should be some fresh fish in the system.  Weather forcasts look good for the weekend.

Update: 7/13/2012

Looks like she’s coming back.  This morning vis was about 6 inches, this evening it’s over 12″.   I’m hoping and planning for continued clearing a dropping flows.  Remaining snow cover, Mt. Adams excluded, has taken a hit from rain 10 or so days ago and heat for the last week.  The daily high temps have trended down and flows have followed for 3 days or so.  I’m thinking there are alot of fish that haven’t seen a hook in nearly a week.

Update: 7/9/12

River went brown this morning, mud brown.  Temp forcasts suggest it might stay this way for a while.  Will post again when it clears to ffishable levels.

Update 7/8/12

Heat the last couple days is melting snow and adding turbidity.  Looks like the river may go brown later today or tomorrow.  Current vis is about 1′ and we’re expecting 100 F today.  I’ll update this post later today after I’ve been upriver.

Update: 7/4/2012

My prediction was wrong again.  River’s back in shape, a nice steelhead green with ~2.5′ vis.  Should be clearing even more for the next few days.

Update: 7/3/2012

River’s gone brown.  Significant rain on Mt. Adams has put the river out.  Flow continues to rise at the gage above the West Fork, we’ll see that water tomorrow…, it might be a few days before turbidity declines.  Have a great July 4th celebration!!