Update: 8/27/12

The Klickitat’s in magnificent shape.  It’s time for the swung fly.  Temps are nice and flows should continue their pleasant decline.  If you get a weekday off you should consider a visit.  Pressure on weekends is likely to be heavy from here on out.  Fall chinook are here, I haven’t seen any but have heard of a few in landing nets above Lyle Falls.  Should be good from here on out.

Update: 8/23/12

Close to 3′ vis today and it should be improving through the weekend.  Temps have cooled off and the river has come around.  This might be the start of fall fishing conditions…time to wader-up!

Update: 8/19/12

The river is in nice shape today, 2’+ vis, steelhead green.  Weather forecast suggest high’s in the 80’s for this week so the river should be dropping and clearing during the week.  Fishing pressure has been way down so there must be some fresh fish in the system.

Edit:  Closed the shop about 15 minutes early so I could try out a “new to me” rod.  Tied on a muddler for some waking…I was blessed by this little hatchery buck.  Bad pic, it was almost dark.

Update: 8/12/2012

Dave’s been lucky, maybe “good” but I think lucky.  Two chromers in 2 days with little time spent.  Maybe it’s the “Naked Winery” that gets the lucky juices flowing…I’m not sure?

Fish on!

Dave seems confused! (click on pic), what’s he looking at?

Dave looks confused?

Fish off…is Dave hoping for a swim?

Thanks sweet pea!





River’s been fishing well, anglers fishing the right place at the right time are doing very well, though most everyone ends up landing a steelhead or two if they cover enough water.

Discharge continues to drop as the normal day/night cycle establishes itself.  Couple days of serious heat just occured, a bit worried because my fishing opps. start tomorrow PM.  Weather forecasts suggest high’s in the 90’s will remain through the week.  The week after looks much better…weather forecasts.