Update: 9/27/2012

Today was a fishy day.  Not sure why but fish were biting.  I swung a run mid-day and hooked two fish.  The first I thought was a steelhead but it threw my fly after a nice introduction.  Kept swinging the same fly (green butt skunk tied by slipstream tackle).  When I got to the tailout another fish grabbed.  This one was a chinook, about 28″ and a bulldog for sure.  Nice bright chinook, who’d a thunk I’d swing up one of these…

Update: 9/24/12

Been a while since I’ve posted up any info.  The river’s been fishing beautifully, a little day/night snow melt cycling but it’s remained in near perfect shape.

The last 10 days or so have been memorable for me, a big fish and more grabs than I’m accustomed too.  I’ve fished appromately 20 hours (more like 10 with my fly swinging) over the last 10 days and have had 5 fish on, nice solid hookups.  Amazingly, I hooked every fish that grabbed (yeah, the fish hooked themselves, I just held on).  One broke me off after a brisk run following the take (12# maxima tippet), another unpinned itself after a few seconds, another was the largest steelhead I’ve hooked (ever) and he gave me the most exciting 5 minutes or so that I’ve experienced with a steelhead…then he threw the hook.  The other two I landed, a nice 36″ hatchery buck and the wild hen you’ll see below. 

We have a local fly tier, Tom of “Slipstream Tackle”. Tom’s been tying up some really nice stuff lately and I’ve been using his flies with confidence, especially his purple peril and green butt skunk tied somewhat sparsely on 2/0 hooks.  They’ve been working “real well” for me. 

Plenty of fish around to keep one interested. 

27" wild hen

Update: 9/15/12

Fall chinook must be stacking up in the lower river, I haven’t seen many but have heard of alot of daily bag limits taken.  Seems they’re  waiting for a freshet. 

Steelheaders covering water are finding fish, not big numbers but nice, strong & heathly fish.

Update: 9/6/12

Rec’d this email from Ryan this morning.

“Hey Rolf it’s Ryan,

Saw your report on your friend Bill. I too landed a fish Sunday afternoon that will be burned into my memory forever. Landed on floating line and Dec Hogan’s Black and Orange. Best take I’ve ever experienced. Fish was doing flips down river before I even knew he was on! No need for hookset. Biggest summer native I’ve ever taken. Didn’t measure, didn’t need to. This fish worked me. Just wanted you to see pic.
Water temps were 49deg on my thermometer around 6pm.”

Update: 9/4/12

Water conditions remain about perfect. 

A fun story.  Bill fished the Klickitat last Sunday (Labor Day weekend).  Bill hooked four steelhead…a first for Bill on the Klickitat…and better than I’ve ever done!  The first of the fish will remain in his grey matter for the rest of his life.  A wild hen in the mid 30″ range took his fly and went ballistic.  She took Bill for two swims…waders full of water…but Bill know’s he just experienced the best there is in steelheading.

Here’s a pic just prior to release.