Update: 10/29/12

The Klickitat just smashed it’s discharge record (86 years of record) as of this date (10/29).  She’s deep & dirty brown.  I fear the remnants of this turbidity could last more than a couple days.  Discharge at 2280 cfs. as of 8 pm, previous record for 10/29 was 1920 cfs. in 1998.

Update: 10/28/12

Just returned from Leidl, the river is brown up there.  The brown water will reach the lower river within the next couple hours.  I’ll update as soon as conditions improve.

Update: 10/18/12, burn-ban is lifted!!

Burn ban has been lifted so floaters wanting to use the summit creek/steel bridge put-in are cleared to go.  We provide shuttles if you need one.

The Klickitat has been dropping fast. It’s getting close to fishable.  Just went down to the water and took a couple pics.  I’ll be fishing this evening, maybe a foot of vis or so, think that equates to 3 or 4′ for the fish.  Maybe I’ll fish a muddler for some surface disruption.

Barring more rain she should be improving, should be doable tomorrow and maybe nice for the weekend.  Lot’s of fish haven’t seen a fly since late Monday.

Edit: fished the evening water and it was way better than expected…knee deep vis easy and improving as I stepped down. tomorrow should be excellent.

Pics show vis at about 4pm today (10/18) at mile 12.5.

Update: 10/16/12

She got even worse mid-day today.  She’s trying to crest, don’t bother fly fishing for at least 48 hours after flows begin to drop consistently.  Think we had a gully washer or two or three…in the high country.

Update: 10/15/12

River went brown this evening.  We got the rain we were hoping for but it put the river out.  Stay tuned, hopefully it’ll come back in short order.  We needed the rain badly but I was hoping the river would stay in shape, no luck this time!

Update: 10/6/12

This weekend has been busy, lots of fishing pressure!  If you’re thinking of visitng in the next couple weeks try to make it mid-week.

Pray for rain all around the east side of the Cascades!