Update: 11/26/12

We have five days left of the fishing season on the Klickitat.  Water is high (just dropped below 2000 cfs) but clearing so we should get another chance at it.  It’ll be tough wading for the bank angler but I’m certain there are some fresh steelhead in the system and there have been very few fishermen around.

An interesting story, rec’d this email from Jim yesterday (check out the pic).

This will probably be my last deer that I shoot. I really debated wether to go hunt this morning or not. I decided that I would go up to my blind and sit for a few minutes and then come back home. Well at 8:00 a.m. this deer showed up , he never slowed down , just kept walking rite past all the doe’s so I had to make a very quick shot. As it turned out , the shot was good and he only went about 40 yards and died. I knew he was a good deer but actually seeing him up close is when I realized just  how good he is.
I’m going to have him mounted so he’ll be at the taxidermist tomorrow.
Like I said this will probably be my last deer and what a deer to end my hunting with.

Update: 11/23/12

Ray, a friend from Idaho stopped by today.  He fished the lower river and hooked a strong 33″ hen in a tailout.  It’s raining now and the flows are rising…not what I was hoping for.  The Klickitat has been looking good for the last couple days but rain can’t help.  Temps suggest snow should be falling in the high country.  If we’re lucky the rain will turn to snow and we’ll get another shot.  I’m pegged into Tuesday PM, Weds & Thurs. for my last shot at it…I’m feeling lucky!!

Update: Thanksgiving, 11/22/12

Looks like the river’s coming into shape quickly.  This afternoon it looked like about a foot vis and it’s getting cold tonight.  Thinking it’ll be fishable tomorrow.  Flows over 1800 cfs this evening so it’s still quite high, wading will be tough but she should be in reasonable shape tomorrow.

Update: 11/11/12

River remains in nice shape, slowly dropping.

Seems steelhead densities are higher upriver.  Actually I think the reality of the low Bonneville passage numbers have hit us.  We got more than we deserved early and our luck might be slipping away!?

I’ll swing a lower river run tomorrow morning…hope lady luck is with me!

Update: 11/8/12

River’s clearing a little every day.  Looked to be close to 3′ today. 

Fishing pressure is way down.  Finally a guy can pick a run and go there and actually get a chance to fish it.  Got into another good buck this afternoon…November continues to be good to me.  Cover water to find fish, best chances might be in the upper river but my luck remains down low.

Update: 11/4/12

Vis about 2′ in the lower river mid-morning today (Sunday).  Fished a run and hooked a stout 34″ wild buck.  This buck took to the air 5 times (big air) before I could get the fly out of his mouth.  The fly was Tom’s purple peril, tied on a 2/0 hook…not the first time it’s worked for me!!  Very strong fish.  Took the fly near the far bank and nearly ripped the rod out of my hands…one of those takes you don’t forget quickly!!  It’s November and there are fish in the river.  This fish was photo’d but not by me.  I’ll put up a pic or two once I get them.  Come on down if you can, there are strong fish just waiting to smash your fly.

Update: 11/3/12

Just returned from Stinson (10:00 AM).  River looks much better up there, about 1.5′ vis.   Looking good for tomorrow or upriver today.  This is the last month of the steelhead/salmon season on the Klickitat so take advantage if you get the opportunity.

Update: 11/1/2012

We’re having more rain here in the town of Klickitat this morning.  River has been dropping but more rain won’t help.  The weather forcast suggests more rain but if freezing levels fall we should see fishable water shortly.   The Northwest River Forecast Center’s forecast for the Klickitat can be seen here http://www.nwrfc.noaa.gov/river/station/flowplot/flowplot.cgi?lid=PITW1

I’m hoping that forecast is accurate but forecasts are “forecasts”!

November has been good to me in the past and this time around it looks like we should have plenty of fresh and/or rested fish available once the river comes back into shape.  Stay tuned, I’ll be updating as often as I have something to add.