Interesting update related to 11/26 post

Jim’s most recent buck, notice I didn’t say “last”, became sustenance for a number of local residents other than Jim.  Scroll down to the Update 11/26/12 post.

The buck was gutted and cut up for transport, the remains were appreciated.  Jim left his trail-cam focused at the remains, look who visited!  What a great idea!!  Those are golden eagles…

12/2/2012 Update

The Salmon/Steelhead season is over but the Whitefish season is open.  The Klickitat has a reasonably good supply of Whitefish and they’re quite good smoked or canned.  They’ve been fattening up on salmon eggs so are at their best earlier in the season.  If you fish for Whitefish on the Klickitat you must use a size 14 hook or smaller.