Flow has dropped below 1500 cfs and water clarity looked to be about 3′ last evening.  There are fish in the river but I’m still skunked.  Going out again this evening.

Pic of last evening’s water.


Update: 6/12/13, Chinook opens

WDFW will open the Klickitat to Chinook retention as of Thursday 6/13/13.  River’s in good shape, flows have dropped under 1700 cfs.  Salmon passage over Bonneville has picked up nicely but steelhead passage remains disappointing.  Here’s a look at the water this evening.

Update: 6/8/13

The Klickitat was in beautiful shape for the first week, she added a little color today.  Flows increased by about 250 cfs over the last couple days.  Weather forcast suggests a notable cooling period this coming week so, if you can escape for a day or two the Klickitat should be very accomodating.

Steelhead passage over Bonneville remains dissapointing but chinook passage is improving nicely.   Might be a good opportunity to target chinook, adults must be released but jacks are fair game.  Remember “barbless hooks only”, crimp the barbs down with your pliers and you are good to go.