Update: 7/26/13

Expected brown water but it didn’t come.  Water’s been fishable all along, even flyfishable.  Weather forcast suggests cooling the next few days so vis should get better beginning Sunday.  Bonneville passage is improving, hope lots of those fish will visit the Klickitat.  Next week, midweek, should provide more inviting water.

Update: 7/18/13

Looks like the heat is adding more color.  Turbidity has increased since last evening.  Roughly about 1′ vis this afternoon/evening and the heat today will likely make it worse tomorrow.

Update: 7/18/13

River is holding up pretty well.  Fished last evening and had at least 2′ visibility.  Looks like the river has settled into normal day/night cycling. There has been very little fishing pressure and flows have dropped below 1000 cfs. so wading is pretty easy.  Pic is from last evening (wednesday 7/17).


I’ve only heard of three fish taken on a swung fly since the season opened.  The most recent was caught by Dave Michalec (that’s Dave from the www.NakedWinery.com) Sunday evening 7/7/13.  Here’s a pic of Dave’s “break the ice” fish.


Looks like we’re good to go.  Water clarity has come back nicely and flows have dropped below 1200 cfs.  I’m thinking there are a bunch of fresh fish in the system and plenty others that haven’t seen a hook in over a week.  We’re expecting cool nights for the next week, so I expect the river to start it’s normal summer cycling.

This week could be good, pressure is way down.


The Klickitat is coming into shape.  Last two days she’s dropped hard and fast.  Still a bit brown today (but I’d have fished if I could have).  Tomorrow should be good vis, at least a couple feet, maybe much more.  Bonneville passage is picking up though no where near where I’d like to see it.  This weekend might be a good window if you have the opportunity.

7/3/13 River’s gone brown

The heat has finally put the river out.  We’ve had temps around 100 F over the last 3 days.  Think this is about the end of snowpack in the high country though the Big Muddy glacier still seems to have plenty of snow covering the ice.  Here are a couple pics of the water around noon today in the town of Klickitat.