The water colored up dramatically today, didn’t really go brown but visibility went from around 3′ to less than a foot.  It rained a couple times in the town of Klickitat yesterday and apparently it also rained on Mt. Adams, hence the color.

Flows have been dropping hard so I’m thinking it’ll be much better tomorrow, look for a coule feet of vis in the AM and it should be improving as the day progresses.

Lots of fall chinook in the river so fishing should be good.


Water’s looking a bit better today.  We had overcast skies pretty much all day so and notably cooler temps today.  Forcast suggests low 80’s for the next few days, weekend included.  Fall chinook are stacking up at the mouth, they’ll be tricking in for the next month or two.

Couple pics of the water today, first was taken about 3pm at mile 12.5 and second taken at around 8AM downriver.


River’s showing some color today.  My information suggests Outlet Creek is dumping a good bit of fine sediment in the Klickitat.  Outlet Creek drains the Glenwood irrigation district.

Fall chinook are beginning to show up, a number of very nice fish have already been landed and the numbers over Bonneville suggest this will be a very strong run.

Couple pics of the water this morning.  First is the boat landing at Stinson Flat (pic taken at 10:15 AM) and second is at the Mile 5.5 boat landing (taken at 9:30 AM).


River went brown this afternoon.  Apparently a gully washer or two hit the high country last evening.   Assuming the rain didn’t effect the east slope of Mt. Adams it should settle out quickly and back in shape tomorrow.  If rain hit the big muddy glacier and melted ice it could last longer.  I’ll update tomorrow morning, after seeing the river.

Update: 8/11/13

There are fish around, steelhead numbers are increasing and salmon are beginning to show up too (fall chinook).  Water went a bit turbid today, must have been a down-pour within the upper drainage.  Fishable but far from ideal. 

We’ve had a couple freshets in the last few days so there should be some fresh fish in the system.  This week could be good.


The Klickitat is holding up real nice through this heat.  Some normal summer time cycling but fishable throughout, steelhead green all day. 

Bonneville passage has improved so there should be some fresh fish (fall chinook included) visiting the Klickitat.  Think fishing will improve from here on out.  Fall chinook numbers are expected to be very good.

Update: 8/4/13

The Klickitat has remained in great shape.  We have some heat coming (low 90’s for a couple days) according to weather forcasts though I’m not convinced it’ll effect the river much.

Heard of a good number of fish caught in the last couple days.  Here’s a nice hatchery hen, around 28 inches taken by Tim this afternoon, yes, mid-day with a bright sun.  Chrome bright and heading for the BBQ.

Update: 8/1/13

River remains in good shape, vis today is well over 2′.  I’m hearing of a few more fish hooked lately.  Bonneville passage is improving, total numbers will be low this year but there are fish around.  Fishing should be improving from here on out though weather and glacial melt can change things quickly in August.