Heard of a couple coho taken today.  One by a bank angler and one by a client of a flyfishing guide.  It’s time for silver’s here but they haven’t historically passed Lyle Falls very well.  The new ladder might improve the upriver fishing, I’m hoping so.  Keep your eyes on the Tribal Fisheries count at Lyle Falls (see “useful links” tab).

Most coho are taken below the Fisher Hill Bridge, elbow to elbow fishing.  The ladder counts are fish that will be released above Lyle Falls.  Very few coho pass Lyle Falls without assistance.


Put some time in today, the water is perfect.  Saw some salmon spawning and even watched a smallish steelhead swim by.  No takes for me but I enjoyed the day, covered three runs thoroughly.

Here are a couple pics of the water I fished.


Been away for a few days.  Fished the John Day with my two brothers and a couple other brothers who are life-long friends. 

It’s good to be back home, river looks great and I’ll be fishing in a couple days.  Still alot of fall chinook around, most are getting pretty dark and I’m sure alot of spawning is occuring.  I’ll check upstream of Summit Cr. this week to see what’s happening on one of the main fall chinook spawning spots.

There are a few steelhead here and there from what I hear.  The numbers are down.  The nymphing guide boats are hooking a few fish most days and the lucky swinger might get a hookup if he covers enough water to find fish.  Think it’ll be tough fishing for steelhead from here on out but there will be some fish around.


Fished the evening water well below town.  Water was in beautiful shape.  No takes for me but the water was definitely good.  Took a couple pics to prove it.


Water is getting better, took the pic at the Leidl boat landing around 10 AM today.  Flow has dropped to 1250 cfs as of 1:00 PM today.  She’s coming back into shape nicely.


River’s been dropping but vis is still pretty crappy.  She’s under 1500 cfs at this point but that’s still tough wading.  Since I felt lucky I went on down behind the house this evening.  Vis maybe 6 to 10 inches but it did seem to improve as I stepped down.  Thought maybe I saw the bottom a couple times in knee deep water.  Water’s probably good to go if you’re fishing bait or gear tomorrow.  If you’re fly fishing you might want to hold off a day or two….but, the red dogwood spey worked again for me tonight. Same shredded fly as used on 9/27 post.

Found a fish near the hangdown. Hooked it but only held for about 10 seconds.  Waded back up a few feet and started in again.  The fish took again, think it was the same fish?  Also, same shredded fly I was using last Thursday!  Red dogwood spey, who’d a thunk?  This time I got it near the bank, half the sinktip inside the rod, guess it was a CDR  (Close Distance Release).  Don’t know if it was a steelhead or salmon, most likely a salmon based on the enounter. I’m still feeling lucky!!


Walked down to the river about an hour ago, it’s 5pm now.  She’s still cookin’ pretty good…and the rain hasn’t stopped entirely.

Took a couple pics, one is pretty and the other is ugly.