Thought I’d post up a little info.  Steelhead/Salmon season closed November 30.  Whitefish season opened December 1.  Heard of alot of whitefish caught at the end of the stlhd/slmn season, likely alot of chinook eggs to feed on.

During the whitefish season size 14 or smaller hooks are required.

Had a thought a few weeks ago about the fall chinook run we had this year.  It was incredible but I didn’t see alot of 5 year old fish.  Most of the fish, based on my estimation of what I saw were 3 & 4 year old fish.  Thinking the 5 year olds will show in 2014.  Likely in fewer numbers but if we get 20% of the run and most are 5 year olds it should be an interesting season.  Expect the steelhead numbers will be better also. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!