3/26/14 The fish are coming

Haven’t posted anything for quite a while.  The whitefish season closes the end of March…and the salmon/steelhead season opens April 1st below the Fisher Hill Bridge.  

The Klickitat opener on April 1 only includes 4 days a week,  Sat, Sun, Mon & Wed.  The spring chinook run is expected to be robust,  ooohh, sounds good.  I’ve been watching steelhead passage over Bonneville and like what I see.  I’m convinced a large portion of the early steelhead run heads for the Klickitat.  So far it looks real nice…ok, how about promising.  Here’s what I see tonight as I write this


The chart shows 2014 passage over Bonneville through March 24, 2014.  Steelhead are strong and climbing, both wild and total, compare with the 10 year average and you’ll see why I like it, anything better than average is exciting to me.   Spring chinook are apparently a little late but their numbers might explode in the next few weeks, we’ll see. 

Hoping for a strong steelhead and spring chinook return…have you seen the predictions for Fall Chinook?  I have!  We’ll be stocking a few more Echo King rods this year.