Update: 7/31/14

I missed the window this morning.  Went upriver around 8:00 am and the water was worse than yesterday, 10″ vis at best.  Should have gone downriver instead.  I heard it was much better around 5 am in town.  If the normal cycling continues fish low in the river early and then up high late in the day (evening) for the best water.

Update: 7/30/14

Been doing some work around the house, outside and don’t think it’s going to get as hot today as the last two days.  It’s around 85F at 2pm.  The water doesn’t look good today, less than a foot vis but I’m hoping it’ll improve tomorrow based on todays temps.  The Klickitat is cycling normally now (as it does most summers) so if we get some cooler nights and daytime highs don’t get too bad the water should come back into shape quickly.  Pic taken at town landing again around 8:10pm.

Update: 7/27/14

Water got pretty good today. See pic below, same spot at the town landing around 8:10 pm,. compare with other recent pics.

There have been some success stories recently.  Bill went upriver yesterday and got into a strong wild buck on a goofy fly and Mr. McQueen did an overnight “camp float” and found 4 fish.

The story I got from Mr. McQueen indicated his first hookup occurred at the first run he fished.  Just got the head out and bent down to pick up a beverage, rod under his arm and pointing backwards…at the first run he fished and before he actually started casting.  When you’re lucky your lucky!  Three of the four fish were LDR’s (long distance releases).

Hope the river stays in shape, planning to fish a couple runs tomorrow morning.

Update: 7/26/14

Water’s getting better, seems like the gage at PITT might be beginning to show the usual summer cycling of the river discharge.  As of today the water clarity is good for all anglers, bait, gear and fly.  A good friend stopped by the shop this afternoon to tell me about an encounter he had with a stong wild buck.  He landed it with the “sun high” and was a bit surprised…he’s used to the Deschutes understanding that it isn’t worth bothering when the sun is high…not necessarily so on the Klickitat.

Temps are going to climb into the 90’s for the next couple days, hope the river stays in shape.  Adams doesn’t have much snow left on the Southeast flank so anything we get will include glacial till so I don’t think the river will improve much for the next 10 days or so (based on current weather forecasts).

Update: 7/24/14

Flows remain up a bit but I believe they will begin falling as the day progresses…barring more rain.  The weather forecast suggests more rain is unlikely.  Took the following pic at the town boat landing around 10am.

The 10 day weather forecast indicates highs will be in the lower 90’s Sunday through next Saturday so the river might hold and continue dropping throughout next week.  I’m hoping the temps will lower than predicted, higher than predicted could mean more mud.

Update: 7/23/14

Flows spiked overnight and the river went brown again.  Heavy rains throughout the night and this morning, vis less than 6″.   Should be good fishing when it finally clears up and starts dropping..


Update: 7/22/14

Water’s getting better.  Fished the home water late this afternoon.  Not great vis but definitely a foot plus.  This pic is not that useful but I’ll post it anyway. Look closely, I’m in knee deep water.

It’s not as brown as it looks..  I’d say go for it tomorrow, I will.

Update: 7/21/14 Monday Evening

Took this pic at 8:10 pm.  The water is getting better and I’m thinking it’ll be fishable tomorrow (Tuesday 7/22).  Clarity is much better than last evening and this morning.   Looks like somewhere between 8 to 12″ vis this evening and hopefully it’ll be notably better tomorrow.

Update: 7/20/2014

The river went mud brown overnight.  Guessing it rained on Mt. Adams.  I’ll get a pic on my way from the shop this evening and post it.  Flows jumped about 100 CFS so rain must be the culprit.  Temps have been perfect today, low 70’s. Hoping the river will be in fishable shape by Tuesday.

It has improved from this morning, not nearly as brown.  I might get a chance to fish tomorrow AM, assuming the water is much better than this evening.

Update: 7/19/2014

I expected the water to improve more than it has in the last couple day.  Weather forecasts suggested high’s around 84F the last two days but the temps got over 90F both days.  Here’s a pic of the water this evening at the town boat landing.  If we get the forecasted high’s in the mid 70’s the next few days I expect conditions to improve dramatically.  I’ll post whenever it changes.