Update: 7/18/14

Please say a prayer for the folks in the Methow Valley, fires have burned unimaginable numbers of people’s homes.  If you can help a neighbor here are a couple options.



______________________________________the Klickitat

Temps have come down, high today was forecast to be in the mid 80’s but I think we hit 90.  River is improving.  Took this pic around 8pm at the town boat landing (same spot as previously). Notable improvement and it should be improving a bit each day for a week or more.  Certainly there are some fresh fish in the river.  It might be a good weekend for fishing.

Update: 7/16/14

Weather forecast suggests high’s in the low 80’s tomorrow.  Yesterday was close to 100 and today is close also.  High temps in the 80’s as suggested by the forecast should improve things by the weekend but how much is a question I wish I could answer.  Freezing levels on Mt Adams are projected to drop below 32F on Saturday/Sunday so glacial runoff might not diminish much until next week.

Took a pic of today’s water at the town boat landing around 11 AM today, see pic below (same spot as last pic, comparing might be useful).  We should see some improvement starting on Friday but it might not be enough to improve things much.  I won’t be fishing today or tomorrow…unless I feel extremely lucky.

Update: 7/14/14

The water is fishable this morning, a little better than yesterday, about a foot of visibility, see pic below.  Weather forecast indicates low 90’s through Wednesday and then dropping to low 80’s for the rest of the week so conditions should improve by the weekend.

Update: 7/13/14

Weather forecasts have changed for the better.  The 100’s we were expecting are now low 90’s and today we were overcast nearly all day, saw the sun a couple times only.  Checked the thermo on my deck around 1:30pm and it read 85, don’t think we hit 90 but the times the sun found an opening it seemed to heat a lot, mostly humidity I think.  It rained a little in Klickitat but not enough to wet things.  Don’t know if it rained on Adams.  The river in town looked poor around 4:30 pm., got a look but didn’t have a camera, six inch vis maybe…it was HOT yesterday!.  I’d have fished it but not happily.

Based on today’s weather in the town of Klickitat I’d guess the river will be much better tomorrow.  Todays temps were about 20 degrees F cooler than yesterday so that should help tomorrow’s water.  Might get a chance to fish in the morning.

Update: 7/11/14

Sorry for the delay, I screwed up and didn’t get a…think it’s called a PHP, updated in time. Tried to post last evening but couldn’t do it.

The weather forecast is not favorable. Near 100 tomorrow then over 100 until Wednesday the 16th, but even then it will remain hot through the 10 day forecast..

I fished 3 lower river runs before 2pm yesterday.  One of them I hadn’t fished in a couple years and it looked better than I remembered, I’ll be back   Water was doable, thought vis to be around 1.5′ so good enough, still green. Took a temp around noon in high sun and got 58.5F, should be good.  No kiss from Lady Luck…I was searching.

Will try to keep you updated should conditions change.

Update: 7/8/14

I fished the evening water,  it didn’t look good but was fishable from my perspective and much better than I anticipated.  Vis is poor, 6 inches at best but I always think I have a chance to hook a fish if I’m fishing. Nothing for me but here’s a pic of the water, it’s almost green.

Update: 7/7/14

Daily high temps have exceeded the forecasts by over 10 degrees F.  We hit nearly 100 yesterday and over 100 today.  The river is beginning to choke with glacial till.  The 10 day weather forecast doesn’t suggest relief from the heat so I can’t think the water will get better for next week or so.

Took this pic at the Klicktitat boat landing at about 8:15 pm, vis less than 10 inches.  I’ll update with a pic tomorrow if it’s much different, I’m told it will be much different…much worse. 

Update: 7/6/14

Water clarity on the Klickitat has taken a turn for the worse.  Too much heat!  Looks like about 1′ vis this evening.  Freezing levels are well higher than Mt. Adams so there won’t be much of a halt to the sediment tonight.  Truth is the forecast is ugly.  Freezing levels staying high and local temps remaining high for the next 10 days.  We got at least 10 degrees F warmer than the weather forecasts and if that continues the river might remain ugly for a while.  I’ll update if things change.

Update: 7/4/14 Happy 4th of July!

Flows are slowly dropping and river is clearing.  It’s fishable now and should continue clearing for the next couple days.  We’re expecting some heat starting next week, highs in the low 90’s but that won’t necessarily add much color so it’s looking good for the next few days, maybe week.