Update: 8/30/14

The day started out real nice here, overcast and calm.  Headed up to Leidl around 10am to do some shuttles and couldn’t see the mountain…lots of dark clouds had her covered..  I got a little worried and checked out some data and think the river will stay in shape.  I was worried about rain on the mountain or heavy rain in the upper watershed.  Don’t see any rise in the hydrograph so think the water will be really good tomorrow, maybe great!

We had a pressure change Friday and the fish were down but it got better today, lots of fish hooked.  Couple pro’s were here swinging last Thursday, Brazda and Burck and they did very well.  If the water stays in shape we should have a great fall.  Chinook are showing up and Bonneville passage suggests there may be something building, at least the forecasts say something is building.  Wild steelhead passage over Bonneville is looking positive also. Should be interesting searching for steelhead with chinook everywhere!

Update: 8/28/14…some opinions included

Fished some nice water today.  The following pic shows the mid-day/early evening water, I could see the bottom in over knee deep depth.  The Klickitat has colored up a little but not enough to worry about.  If I were to guess I’d say something like 28″ vis…pic shows late mid-day water in the lower river.

Due to a number of things I’ve started to question my fishing…mostly because I haven’t landed a fish this year and most spey casting fly fisherman I know have done well.

So tonight I put an airflo intermediate 8/9 sink tip on a Nextcast 45 FF (looped by me for tips) and used a fly I tied on a Gamakatsu Octopus 3/0 barbless hook (#75313), orange butt, purple body and hackle and orange head.  A sparcely tied fly for sinkage and 12# P-line fluorocarbon tippet (about 11′ of straight tippet,  no taper).  I didn’t hook a fish but I did like the way it seemed to fish and turning it over was no issue.  The intermediate tip seemed to slow things down notably and the octo hook didn’t hook up on the bottom when it got too shallow.

Don’t bother reading the rest of this if you’re not interested in tradition. The rod I used came from the shop.  I’ve cast it a couple times before but today decided I’ll be keeping it, Hardy Marksman2 9126 S rod.  Hardy/Greys USA was sold to Pure fishing which is a huge fishing conglomerate and many things are changing.  The rod I mentioned above is about the best and lightest rod in it’s category I’ve ever fished, extremely good casting rod..  For those who care, I’m bummed about Hardy/Greys USA.  Greys offered extremely good products for the price and Hardy is Hardy!!! But Pure Fishing D/C’d Greys and DC’d the Marksman2 spey rods.  Huge mistake in my opinion.

Hardy/Greys had a chance in the US with their products but Pure Fishing seems to be trying to kill it.  Hardy is the foremost fly tackle maker of all time and their products are better than good…even today.  Hope a real flyfishing company eventually buys Hardy/Greys USA because their products are the best I’ve seen.


Update: 8/26/14

Fished the run behind my home this evening.  The water was about perfect.  This is the best the Klickitat gets with respect to water clarity.  Couple regular’s landed fish today, 1 each for Bill and Dave.

The following pic shows where I walked in, the water is way better than the pic suggests.

Update: 8/24/14

Some dark clouds with thunder & lightning came by today but we got very little rain in the valley.  Was worried we might go brown again tomorrow but my indicators suggest the water should remain steelhead green for tomorrow.

Good numbers or fish takes but many fewer actually hooked and landed today…hearing some “hate the barbless hooks” rule!  Keep a tight line and you should be ok, even barbed hooks lose fish.

Expecting a really good fall season.

Update: 8/23/14

The river remains in perfect shape.  From what I heard today the fish were actively biting.  Don’t recall a single fisherman saying he/she didn’t have any luck.  The catches included quite a few Chinook so it looks like they’re showing up.  Don’t know what’s happening with Bonneville passage though because it’s falling through the floor, maybe flow management at Dams?   The fishing was HOT on the Klick today!

Update: 8/22/14

Had some calls today wondering if we rec’d rain.  It didn’t rain down here in the lower river but I did see some dark clouds going by to west so have been watching a few indicators that might tell me if the rain could be an issue for tomorrow’s water.   It did rain in the very upper watershed but not enough to do color the water up (that’s my guess).  I recently heard Mt. Adams is/was covered in very dark clouds and that could be much worse.  There is no sign of an increase in discharge or turbidity but it could be coming later tonight.  If you’re thinking of fishing the Klicktitat tomorrow I’d recommend checking the PITT gage before committing. If it spikes up a couple hundred CFS chances are the river will go seriously off-color, if only a little spike (100 CFS or less) it shouldn’t effect it much.  Hope for the best.

The Klickitat is currently in “perfect” steelhead green shape!

Update: 8/20/14

Haven’t had a chance to fish yet but the river is back in decent shape.  It should hit the perfect “steelhead green” by tomorrow if it isn’t there already.  There are also some fall Chinook showing themselves so things should get interesting from here on out.  This weekend should provide good fishing conditions for everyone.

Update: 8/18/14

Conditions didn’t notably change today so I didn’t take a pic.  I expect vis to get a little worse tomorrow based on today’s high temp in the mid 90’s and beginning Wednesday I expect conditions to begin improving again.  If we’re lucky we’ll have 2 to 3 feet of vis by the weekend.  I’ll post when conditions change.

Update: 8/17/14 evening

The water hasn’t really improved much the last couple days.  It’s fishable but not as good as I’d like if I intend to throw a fly.  We had a pretty warm day today, mid 80’s and tomorrow is expected to be in the 90’s so I doubt it’ll improve much.  Temps from Tuesday on look good and I would expect considerable improvement.  Here’s a pic of the water this evening but it’s a bit misleading.  My evening pics look greener than what I see when I’m taking the pics, likely a result of the low light and my cheap camera.


Update: 8/16/14

Evening pic taken at around 8 pm.

Water is improving.  Just got back from Stinson and it looks quite a bit better up there, I’ll even call it green.  About a foot vis in town where I took the pic.  Should be decent water tomorrow, even for the fly fishermen.  Took this pic just after 11 am.