Update: 8/15/14

Evening edit:  Pic of the evening water, the pic looks better than the water, it’s still brown but the vis has improved to around 8″.  Pic taken shortly after 8 pm.

I don’t understand what is going on.  There hasn’t been a recent spike in flows (within the last 24hrs) but the river remains quite brown, vis 6″ at best.  I heard it rained hard last night in the Yakima valley and Mt. Adams is covered in what could be rainclouds but no spike in flows?  Here’s a pic of the water at 11:00 am today.  I was up at Stinson immediately before taking the pic and thought it looked a little better up there so maybe conditions are improving?


Update: 8/14/14

Edit 6:45 PM:  Don’t know what I was thinking, the result of that second storm in the upper watershed is hitting us right now.  No fishing for me this evening.  Vis has not improved at all.

Based on USGS discharge data it looks like there were two rain events in the upper watershed (both upstream of Mt. Adams influence) within about 18 hours of each other yesterday.  The vis is getting better in the lower river but still very muddy, 4″ vis at best.  Here’s a pic taken at 10:30 am.  Temps are even cooler today so I’m thinking the water will be improving throughout the day.  I may get a chance to fish this evening if it improves enough.  Assuming everything remains the same i.e. flows continue to drop, the water should be good for the weekend.

Update: 8/13/14…mud

Looks like we got a good bit of rain very high in the drainage.  Flows increased over 200 cfs and the same thing happened at the upper gage which is above the big muddy which drains off Mt. Adams.  Water has turned to mud, zero visibility.  Still think I’ll get a chance to fish tomorrow as this type of sediment usually settles out quickly and temps are way down today.  Here’s a pic taken at the same spot.

Update: 8/12/14

Water went brown as expected.  Temps today are a bit higher than predicted, my thermo reads 92F in the shade with overcast skies right now.  My weekend started about an hour ago and was hoping to fish this evening but I’ll find something else to do.  There is potential for thunder showers today, rain would be good but lightning would not.  Highs in the 70’s predicted for tomorrow and Thursday, hoping for good water by Thursday.  Here’s a pic of the water at about 2:00 pm. 

Update: 8/11/14

Thought I’d get a chance to fish this morning but it didn’t happen.  Had a few things to take care of and once I was ready and went upriver to where I planned to fish the water was going south.  Took the following pic at the town landing around 11:30 am and it looked pretty good there.  Intended to get a pic of the same spot this evening but I got hung up at the shop and it got too dark for a useful pic.  Vis had dropped to around a foot by this evening.  We had big heat today, well over 100F so I expect the river to turn brown tomorrow but the forecast suggests high’s in the mid 80’s tomorrow and 70’s for Weds & Thurs. so I expect the river to be in good shape by Thursday, maybe even late Wednesday.


Update: 8/10/14

Water looked great in the lower river this morning but it began coloring up around noon.  I’m planning to fish tomorrow AM in the lower river and will try to get a pic of the water.  I expect it to get worse tomorrow and even worse on Tuesday due to the heat we had today and are expecting tomorrow.  Then a cooling trend is expected so by Thursday it should start improving again, maybe even Wednesday.  Sorry, didn’t get any pics today.

Update: 8/9/14, evening pic added

The river came back into shape this morning or sometime during the night.  Steelhead green is what I saw this morning and this afternoon.  I’ll get a pic up this evening.

Water really looks good this evening, hope the coming heat doesn’t mess it up again.  We’re expecting high 90’s tomorrow and low 100’s on Monday but then a significant cooling trend should takeover.  Here’s a pic of the evening water.

Update: 8/8/14

Apologies, I planned on getting a pic of the river this evening but got held up at the shop (not with a gun) so didn’t get a chance to get the pic before dark.  I’m told the river remained fishable with vis between 1′ and 1.5′  Heard of a number of steelhead hooked today and a few landed.   Pressure has been low but I did see a lot of boats go by today so it’ll likely be busier tomorrow.

Update 8/7/14, evening

Other duties got in the way of me fishing today.  The water hasn’t changed much, still close to 18″ vis and today was much cooler so the water might be even better tomorrow.  Took the following pic at the town boat landing around 8 pm.


Update: 8/7/14

Fished the evening water way upriver yesterday.  Looked like around 1.5′ visibility.  Had a very aggressive grab while stripping line in after hooking up on the bottom.  Definitely a steelhead but I didn’t get the hook into it. I was entirely unprepared for that one as I wanted to get a look at my fly to see if the hook needed sharpening.  It was an aggressive grab but I was completely unprepared.  Water temp was 59F around 7:30pm.  Here’s a pic of the water

The access road to the Summit Creek boat landing is now closed