Update: 9/9/14

Fall Chinook passage over Bonneville is increasing, we’ll soon know if the predictions were close.  Hearing the Native American dip net fishery below Lyle falls is doing extremely well.

I fished the home water this evening and didn’t see sign one of salmon or steelhead.  Seems the best Chinook fishing currently is in the lower river, maybe below the Pitt Bridge at mile 10?  I’m hearing of good numbers of steelhead being caught also.

Here’s a pic of the water as I stepped in.  It’s as good as it gets and should remain so until fall rains hit us.


Update: 9/5/14

Hearing of a few fall chinook hooked, a few landed but most seem to free themselves.  Heard there are a bunch of fish at the mouth so maybe the predictions will pan out.  Just did a little looking to see where we are as related to last years “fall chinook run”, fall chinook only.  Over 100K less than last year to date (9/4, using Bonneville passage and Aug. 1 as the beginning of the fall chinook run) but last year didn’t really get going until week 2 of September, that’s when Bonn. passage really kicked up.  Hoping they’re a bit later this year, that’s the only way the numbers can pan out to predictions.

Salmon carcasses in abundance will be very beneficial to this watershed, the more the better.

Didn’t fish much on my days off this week, lot’s of other stuff that needed doing and my heart wasn’t in it.

Update: 9/3/14

Water remains about perfect.  Pic taken around 6 pm in the lower river.  If we don’t get big rains the water should remain about the same.  Chinook numbers over Bonneville are increasing but the steelhead numbers aren’t.

Update: 8/31/14

Not much to say except the water is “perfect”.

Planning to get out early tomorrow and fish the home water…assuming I can escape the bounds of sleep.  I’m a very talented and experienced sleeper and I practice when the opportunity arises.   Tomorrow morning I hope to forego the sleeping practice session for a session on the river.  If I’m successful at getting out of bed early I’ll provide a pic of the water…you’ll like the water!