Evening Update: 10/30/14

Got a chance to fish the evening home water.  No rain but the water was more brown than I expected.  Close to a foot vis and there were fish around. Chinook spawning and a number of other interesting surface disruptions.   I did have a number of “somethings” happen toward the fly end of my line but nothing hooked.   The water and scenery when I stepped out in the following pic.  The tailout has held fish for me in the past and the slot of the far side…Homewater103014If you would like to fish the Klickitat this weekend I’d suggest visiting NOAA’s river forecast, you’ll find a link on the “useful links” tab on top.  NOAA suggests the river will be rising all day tomorrow and by no small amount.  An increase of 700 cfs or more won’t make fishing conditions better..  If this happens then the river will go brown some time tomorrow and likely won’t come back into shape until early or mid next week.  The Klickitat will likely be unfishable for fly fisherman this weekend.  If you use bait or shiny spoons/spinners you might get a shot at some fish though the water will be ugly.

Update: 10/30/14

Website was down most of the day yesterday, server problems I was told.  Got a pic of the town boat landing around 11 am yesterday and it had not improved.  It didn’t rain much yesterday in the valley so I figured I’d fish late afternoon.  Hydrograph has held steady-ish between 1150 and 1200cfs. for the last 24 hours.water102914 I went down around 4pm to fish the home water and this is what I saw.  I didn’t fish, vis was less than 6 inches.waterhome102914 NOAA’s forecast suggest a big spike beginning late today and if it happens the water will almost certainly go brown again.  Forecast suggest flows reaching 1800 cfs by Friday evening.  Weekend water is very questionable, I don’t expect it to be fishable.    

Update: 10/27/14

Waters getting much better.  Looks like over a foot vis today.  Still retains a brown hue but very fishable.  Took the following pic at the usual spot.  Barring more rain things should be improving during the week.water102714

Update: 10/26/14

Hoped the river would be in better shape today but it isn’t.  Flow kicked up about 150 cfs overnight and it remains pretty brown.  Clarity is actually a little worse than yesterday. Took the following pic around 10:00 am at the town boat landing.  We had a good bit of rain and wind last night.


Update: 10/25/14

Waters been dropping and clearing.  Took the following pic at the town boat landing at 10am (same spot as last pic).  Close to a foot vis at this point.  Heard they’re getting coho below the Fisher Hill Bridge and saw a salmon flop when I took the pic.  Could be a lot better tomorrow.


Update: 10/23/14

The river went to mud sometime overnight and it’s still raining so it looks like it’ll be a few days before it comes back into shape.   Vis is essentially zero right now.  Flows increased close to 600cfs overnight.  Here’s a pic at the town boat landing, taken at around 11:30 AM. water102314

Update: 10/22/14

Pretty nice day on the water.  I went down around 11am and it wasn’t raining.  Fished for about 3 hours.  Saw a lot of salmon, hens excavating depressions for their eggs, might have even seen a small school of coho heading upstream, they looked in perfect shape, quite different from the chinook, no fungus and very bright.  They could have been chinook but I’m guessing they were coho.

Went back down this evening around 4:30pm and had a lot of action on the water, lots of trout grabbing my fly and even a small hatchery steelhead right around dark.  Flows are starting to climb so I suspect it’ll go brown tomorrow as per NOAA’s forecast.  I might get a shot in the morning if I get out there and if it remains fishable.  Here’s a pic of the water as I walked out around 2pm.  Vis was 3′ or very close.


Update: 10/21/14

Water was decent today, close to 2′ vis.   Fished mid-day and this evening, same run…home water.  Took the following pic in knee deep water when the sun was shining, pic looks brownish but the water was better than that. not really brown. water102114 Had a visitor named Matt and he landed a decent chinook.  He had trouble landing it because it didn’t want to come in head first.  Nonetheless he landed it.  Probably 12 lbs or so.  Nice fish if it hadn’t been hooked in the dorsal fin.  Sorry about the pic, it was about dark.


Update: 10/20/14

Water was fishable today and I heard of a number of fish hooked, most not landed.  Reports of fall chinook, coho and steelhead.  An old fly fishing friend floated today with a buddy and they did really well, so well they didn’t complete the float.  He also told me about a steelhead that was larger than a 20# fish he landed in a different river a few years back, he didn’t land this one though.  I love hearing about pig steelhead, knowing they’re out there adds to my motivation.

NOAA’s forecast suggests pretty flat line flows until Thursday when she’ll start rising, likely will be brown by early afternoon Thursday.  The flat line flows could mean clearing for the next couple days so I’m planning to give it a good shot.

Will try to update daily to keep the info fresh and useful.  Lot’s of rain in the coming week.  Things could be setting up for some very good fall fishing when the river is in shape.  Expecting a good late season swinging flies for steelhead.