Update: 10/19/14

Water was notably better today.  Flows hit 950 CFS yesterday, about 100 CFS higher than NOAA predicted…and I thought/hoped NOAA’s prediction was high!!

Visited Leidl this morning and saw at least a foot of visibility, even saw a couple guys speycasting just downstream of the Leidl Bridge.  The lower river also looked a lot better than yesterday…I’d have swung a fly in it but my confidence would have been limited.  Thinking tomorrow the vis could be over 2′ to 3′ and if I can slide out of bed early I’ll fish the home water at dawn.  Certainly the freshet will have brought in some fresh fish and caused some others to move up.

We’re expecting more rain starting late tomorrow so we might see more ugly water again this week. .

Update: 10/18/14

Just returned from Stinson and the water is mud up there.  Lower river remains fishable but will likely be brown within an hour or two.

It might be fishable tomorrow but if you’re interested I’d start high in the system, i.e. Stinson/Leidl or above.

Update: 10/17/14

It’s late evening and rain is coming down pretty consistently.  It didn’t rain much during the day today.  I few drops here and there but tonight it’s coming down a little heavier and continuing.  NOAA suggests flows will shoot up to around 850 CFS by late tomorrow.  If I were guessing, which I am, I’d say the water will hold for most of the day tomorrow but it’ll color up as the day proceeds.  Might get some fish moving?

Weather forecast for the weekend remains pretty good, small chance of rain tomorrow and scattered sunshine through Sunday.

Update: 10/16/14

No rain today, it’s been a beautiful sunny and calm day, great for fishing.  Weather forecasts keep changing…as they always do.  I’m seeing 50% chance of rain tomorrow, very little chance on Sat & Sun, and then more rain on Monday.  River rose nearly 100 CFS in the last couple days but water clarity remains excellent.   I did note some fine suspended sediment when the sun was shining on the water but  it still looked great.  Took the following pic around 2pm and water temp was at 50F.  Pretty much about as good as can be hoped for.  water101614

Update: later 10/15/14

Water remains in excellent shape.  Didn’t rain nearly as much as expected today and tomorrow the weather channel says zero rain.  Freezing levels on Mt Adams will increase on Saturday/Sunday but drop hard again shortly thereafter.  NOAA’s forecast suggests the river will stay in great shape for the near future, until 10/24 or so.

Update: 10/15/14

We got some rain yesterday and it’s continuing, on & off, today.  No real heavy rain and the river remains in perfect shape.

Should have my waders on within the next 30 minutes, I’ll put together a more thorough update this evening.

Update: 10/12/14

It was a busy weekend around here.  Deer season opened (modern firearm) Saturday.  Heard of a few bucks taken but not as many as I’d expected.  A lot of fisherman hang up their rod and pick up there rifle for deer season so I expect to see fewer fisherman on the water.

We had a touch of rain Saturday afternoon and the river rose a little but remains in perfect shape.  Weather forecast suggests we’ll see some rain on Tuesday and maybe more on Wednesday.  We’ll have to wait and see how much.  Freezing levels on Adams suggest mostly snow up there and NOAA’s river forecast suggests the river will rise very little.  Overall I’m guessing the water will stay in fishable shape but you might get rained on if you’re out there.

Chinook are spawning and some coho are showing up…and steelhead are still taking flies.  I’m thinking fishing pressure will be dropping and steelhead should be taking flies.  Watch the flows for a good idea of what to expect.  Did I mention steelhead should be taking flies?

Update: 10/9/14

Got an email today indicating the “haul road removal” work will stop until a better solution is found.   That’s for this year only and input is being requested as to timing for the continuation of the project.  So, we should have good water early morning in the lower river.

Heard something about WDFW going forward with a mandatory harvest rule for harvestable fish on the Klick….  Don’t know the details yet but will be looking hard and fast after posting this.

Hooked and landed a nice hatchery hen this evening.  I was searching and cast into structure on the far bank, found a fish with a heavy fly and heavy tip.  Sweet, those are the worst presentations because I can only fish the first few seconds, then I can try to mend to slow it down but with fast water between it’s fish your fly for 5 seconds and let it run, mending is a waste of time or a complete reset of your swing and there won’t be any fish holding in that fast water?  Fish porn below, 29″ hatchery hen, I know because I pulled her eggs out and measured her.10914Stlhdhen29inhomerun

Rivers of a Lost Coast

A helpful reader of the blog emailed me with this link, free viewing of the “Rivers of a Lost Coast”  here:  http://www.snagfilms.com/films/title/rivers_of_a_lost_coast_standard_edition

Thanks Ben

Edit: hoped the link would be live but it isn’t.  Please copy and paste the address into your browser and you’ll get a chance to watch it free.

Update: 10/8/14

Fished the afternoon water and had a lot of company.  I walked down around 2:30pm  and fished for about 40 minutes then I had company.  Five bank anglers found my water and went after it.  Friendly folk just looking for somewhere to fish.

Jeff Brazda has his own line of rods and I got to cast one yesterday and fished his 9wt this evening.  These are short spey rods labeled Varsity Rod Co.  Except for the 12’6″ 6wt “Klickitat” rod they are 11’9″ and come in 5wt to 9wt.  We have a couple demo’s at the shop and will make them available for those interested.  Jeff likes a Skagit switch on these rods but I like longer bellies.  I fished an 8/9 Nextcast WA45 with a 14′ sinktip.  The Nextcast WA (Winter authority) are really good lines with heavy tips and turn over with more energy when I got it right than anything else I’ve fished…Skagit heads excluded, six strips are all I care to handle.

Pic of the water this afternoon and rod this evening.water10_8_14Brazda 119 9wt]