Update: 11/28/14

It’s raining pretty hard this morning in Klickitat.  NOAA’s forcast suggest flows will go through the roof by tomorrow.  Looks like it’s pretty much over for the season.   Looking forward to 2015.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!


Thanksgiving Day Update, 11/27/14

Flow is dropping and vis is improving.  I did fish a short run late in the day and it looked like around 1.5′ vis.  Even had a substantial grab but no hookup.

This weekend is the last with respect to fishing steelhead or salmon on the Klickitat above the fisherhill bridge.  Water should be improving throughout the weekend, barring more rain and warm winds etc.

Your last shot on the Klickitat will be this weekend.

Update: 11/26/14

River went brown overnight.  Discharge increased to 2000 CFS, more than doubled.  Discharge has peaked and begun dropping so tomorrow might provide fishable water but tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  I might get a chance to get on the river tomorrow and may post a pic of the water.  Salmon/steelhead eason ends Sunday evening 11/30/14.

Happy Thanksgiving and Christmas to all who read these posts.  Hope next season is as good as this one was.

Update: 11/25/14

We have 5 days remaining of the summer steelhead season on the Klickitat.  River has been in perfect shape the last few days, since it warmed up.  Today we got some real warm Chinook winds and warm temps, around 60F this morning.  About mid-day the water began to color up in the lower river.  It’s not that bad, still over a foot vis and I’d have swung a fly in it I had the tme.  I’d guess around a 1.5′ vis at the slide around 1:30pm.

NOAA’s river forecast suggested an increase in flows and it’s happening but I don’t think it has much to do with rain, maybe rising freezing levels and the warm winds..

Update: 11/21/14

It’s been raining since about 9am today.  Sometimes harder and sometimes less hard but it hasn’t stopped.  Looks like freezing level will be around 4000′ for the next couple nights.   Discharge at the PITT gage is shooting up and the NOAA forecast suggest something like 1600 cfs.   If I were forced to guess I’d lean toward quite a bit of added color to the river but I doubt it’ll go brown, we’ll see.

Update: 11/19/14

It warmed a little today, very little, just enough so my guides didn’t ice up midday.  Water was a bit warmer than I anticipated.  My thermo said just under 38F.  It was 36F a week ago and I expected it to be around 34F today, glad to be wrong.  Fished the home water run and a boat came by as I was wading in.  The guys in the boat were fishing for coho with spinners and they’d done very well.  If I recall they had landed 11 coho and had 5 in their cooler, they released the darker fish.  I got a look in their cooler and the coho they’d kept looked quite good, much brighter than I expected.

I had more action than I expected, plenty of taps from small fish and one that I figured could be a steelhead.  After that happened I stepped back upstream about 8 steps and went through again.  Shortly thereafter I hooked a fish,  rainbow about 13 or 14 inches long.  Pretty tough and active fish for the water temps.  Gorgeous wild trout…think it was a pre-smolt steelhead.  Hope I meet it when it returns as an adult.

NOAA’s forcast suggest discharge will double on the 22nd (late Friday and Saturday).  Weather forecast suggests 100% chance of rain on Friday.  If that happens and the freezing level rises we might see ugly water again…but then again if things remain frozen in the upper watershed it might not get ugly.  Water temps should come up a bit and if the upper watershed remains frozen the water might stay in reasonable shape.  Lot’s of guesses here.

Took a couple pics today.  Lots of ice along the bank and the water was as clear as it gets.  First pic shows the bank ice, second pic shows water clarity at knee deep depth.



Klickitat Clean-up day scheduled for 11/23/14

I recently rec’d notice of a scheduled clean-up day on the Klickitat.  It’s being put together by Michal Kawka (email: klickitatriver@gmail.com 

Here’s the message I received:

“I am organizing a river clean up action on the lower Klickitat (mouth to the fishers bridge) to collect litter at the most popular fishing places on that stretch – especially below the bridge. Would you be so kind and include the information on your blog? I would like to engage the fishing community in these efforts.
 Here are the details of the event:
 Like Fishing in the Klickitat?
 Help preserve the fisheries by joining the river clean up!
 Nov. 23 – 10:00 am
Meeting place: Klickitat Trailhead – Parking Lot
We will collect trash from the most popular fishing spots on the lower Klickitat River.
Bring your own gloves.
Plastic bags will be provided.
More info at: klickitatriver@gmail.com
Thank you in advance! See you on the River.
Michal Kawka

Update: 11/13/14…snow

I did end up fishing the home water mid-day yesterday.  Clarity was perfect but water temp was down to 36F.   Water temps this cold will keep the fish down and inactive.  Today it’s snowing pretty good and I don’t think I’ll make it to the water.  Hoping for another decent opportunity before the season closes on 11/30 but we’ll need some warming before it’ll be worth it.  Water temps need to get up into the 40’s again before I’ll consider swinging a fly again.

Update: 11/12/14…cold

The river remains in perfect shape, dropping and as clear as it gets.  Yesterday was notably warmer, still cold but nothing like today.  I got out and fished one run only, my Simms bootfoots are leaking so bad at this point I can’t deal with them for more than about 40 minutes at a time.  Guess I’ll go back my old Dan Bailey’s stocking foots for the rest of the season.  Bummer, I really like the quick & easy on and off bootfoots provide.

The water I fished yesterday around noon was 41.5 F, much colder than I thought it would be and today it’s probably under 40 F.  It’s 11 am and I just checked the temp on my deck overlooking the river, 26 F.  I hope to fish this afternoon but if the temps don’t hit 32 F I may not.   I will update again if I do fish.

Update: 11/10/14

Weather forecast is nasty, looks like winter type temps for the next 10 days or so, highs in the 30’s..!. River should be dropping and clearing even more, though it’s already as clear as it gets.  Looks like it’ll be sunny and cold through Wednesday and it could rain on Thursday.  River should be in excellent shape through Friday.

I’m gonna brave the cold and swing a fly here and there for the next couple days, looking forward to it.