Update: 11/7/14

Discharge is dropping, water’s in perfect shape.  A falling hydrograph and clearing water, sounds good for steelhead fishing.

Coho are being targeted by most anglers.  They’re still getting good numbers below the Fisherhill Bridge and I’ve recently seen coho moving up.  Chinook are mostly nutrients for the following generations at this point.

Full moon just past and I’m thinking steelhead have moved around  a little.  This weekend should be good.

Update: 11/5/14

Water is in good shape, not clear but well over 2′ vis, maybe even 3′.  I fished the evening water and fall chinook were actively spawning.  Hooked a small steelhead buck below the spawning chinook.  This fish had an intact adipose so it should be a wild fish but I don’t think it was. It was an odd fish, only about 22″ and very slim, just like Skamania hatchery fish.  I’d guess it was a hatchery fish that didn’t get clipped.  When it took I thought it was a trout so I started stripping in line and didn’t put it on the reel.  Did realize it was a little larger than I first thought.  Wish I’d have taken a pic of it but once I saw the adipose I didn’t think again.

Season is waning but the steelhead fishing seems to be getting better.  Here’s a pic of spawning salmon, the little tips coming out of the water near the bank are also spawning salmon.salmon11514


Update: 11/4/14

Looks like NOAA’s river forecast has changed and the expected rise in flows is NOT going to happen, at least nothing like was predicted.  At this point it looks like the water will be fine for fishing throughout the rest of this week.

Update: early 11/4/14

There is a huge disconnect between actual discharge and NOAA’s river forecast.  Looks like the expected rain didn’t happen in the upper watershed which would result in the river continueing to drop and clear.  Maybe we won’t get the mud that I expected.

Update: 11/3/14

Got a chance to fish a little this morning.  Water was plenty good, around 2 foot vis.  Went up to Leidl and saw nothing but rain clouds in the upper watershed.  It wasn’t raining in the lower river but it was drizzling on the plateau.  Couldn’t see Adams as it was socked with clouds, the entire northern horizon was socked in.  Flows haven’t started climbing yet but NOAA’s forecast suggests we might see over 2300 CFS by tomorrow afternoon.  If so I expect mud once again.

There were fish in the run I fished.  Landed a nice wild hen around 28″ and almost hooked a much larger fish.  Thought I did hook it for a moment, long enough to feel the weight and even got a brief look at it on the surface, it rolled around and threw the fly.  Couple other takes also that I think were steelhead but I didn’t connect with them.  A pic of the hen. Hen110314

Update: Coho 2014…11/2/14

I haven’t paid much attention to Coho, or Silvers, as a lot of people call them.  Holy quakamoli…or something!  Bonneville passage is huge and from what I’m hearing so are the numbers being taken in the Klickitat Gorge (from Lyle Falls to the Columbia).  Today, I was told it was a blood bath.  Coho don’t pass Lyle Falls very well so they stack up below the falls which probably equates to a blood bath when they get thick.

Coho aren’t endemic to the Klickitat and without the ladder they’d never get upriver.  From what I recall the Yakama Nation Fisheries Program used to allow releases of 3.5 million or more coho smolts but I don’t hear about the numbers anymore.   If 1% of 3.5 million returned we’d have 35,000…3500 if .01% returned.  Good numbers either way and those that do get upriver will provide some very welcome nutrients for native fish.

Update: 11/2/14

Clarity is coming back.  Looks like close to a foot vis this morning.   Weather forecast suggests we’ll get more rain beginning late tomorrow.  NOAA’s river forecast indicates flow increasing again on Tuesday so Monday might provide a short opportunity for some decent water fishing.  Looks like things should settle down and flow should begin dropping again on Wednesday and if we’re lucky it’ll keep falling for a week or so, through the weekend anyway.  Took the following pic at the town boat landing at 10am today (Sunday).