Update: 6/29/15

If you watch the Klickitat discharge you’ll see the water is getting nothing but worse.  Slightly lower temps today and predicted for tomorrow but still too hot.  These temps will keep the glaciers chugging even at night.  Hoping for relief but don’t see it in the next 10 days or so.

6/27/15 addition

The lower river became brown and very turbid this evening.  Think the heat has caught up with the Klickitat and Rusk glaciers, Big Muddy Creek is flowing about as heavy as it can.   This could last a while.  Temps on Adams are not cooling much at night so the glacial chugging will probably continue, even at night.  We might be looking at brown water for the next 10 days.  Took the following pic at the town landing around 9pm.


Update: 6/27/15

The river remains in decent shape.  Took the following pic around 10 am at the town boat landing today.  We hit 108 F yesterday and the weather forecast suggests about the same today.


Update: 6/25/15…w/addition

The river has remained in perfect shape the last few days but current weather forecasts suggest it might be over for a week or longer.  I’d guess the Klickitat will go brown on Saturday, maybe even tomorrow (Friday).

Also, there is a new rule change that goes into effect on July 1st.  Mandatory retention of hatchery steelhead is now the law and the daily limit will be raised from two to three.

Addition:  Fished a run after the sun went behind the local horizon and took a couple pics.  Water temp was 67.3 F at 8pm.  The next 10 days or so might be tough on the fish.  I’d suggest fishing mornings only if you find water temps over 70 degrees F in the afternoon.  Catch and release doesn’t work as well when water temps surpass ~70F.

The walk-in water walkinwater62515The swinging water 62515 sweetwater

Update: 6/21/15

Just a quick reminder to those who float the Klickitat.  Trouble can come quickly if you aren’t paying close attention.  The following boat was capsized yesterday just above the Boulder Hole (a couple hundred yards upstream from the slide).  The boat will likely be salvaged but they likely lost a good deal of equipment in the ordeal.  Luckily no one was injured.

boulderhole boat accidentboulderhole boat accident_b

Update: 6/19/15

We had a blip of about .03″ on the hydrograph and it turned the river into chocolate milk this afternoon, luckily it didn’t last.  If I were to guess I’d say the winds we had yesterday did some extra thawing on Mt. Adams.  Thinking the water will be good tomorrow.

Update: 6/17/15

Haven’t had a shot at the water for a few days but did this evening.  It was a perfect evening to speycast.  No wind, steelhead green water, and a sweet run to swing.  A good two feet of vis, here’s the water.


Update: 6/13/15

Took a look at the water around 9 pm and it looked better than I anticipated.  Thought I had a camera in my vehicle but it was not there so no pics with this post.    The water this evening is very close to “steelhead green”.  Definitely green and I’d guess around 2′ vis.  Expecting good water for tomorrow.