Update: 6/10/15

The water didn’t get as bad as I expected.  Took the following pic at the town boat landing around noon.  I’d guess vis about 1′, maybe a little better.  Not great water but definitely flyfishable from my perspective.

water61015townlandingI fished my home run last evening and thought the vis was at least a foot, likely a little better.  Water temp was 62F at 7:30 pm.  Since the turbidity was relatively high I decided to fish a surface presentation in shallow water (tailout).  This may be contrary to popular opinion but it makes good sense to me.  If the water is dirty why not look for fish in shallow water, tailouts.  Fish may (do in my opinion) feel more comfortable in shallow water in higher turbidity and with the right fly I can create lots of surface disruption and noise, it’s worked for me in the past.  The fly is a Mangy Moose tied by Neil and/or Alyssa of Owl Creek flies (formerly Anadromy flies).  It’s burned moose hair spun and trimmed large, October caddis variation.  I like to just loop it on instead of riffle hitching because it’ll move more and gurgle above and below the surface film.  Try it sometime, I know it works.

water_fly6915I think the water will remain about as it is until the weather cools off, doubt it’ll get worse.

Update: 6/8/15

Today was the hottest so far, it was over 100F.  Should be interesting to see what happens tomorrow.  The weather forecast as been adjusted downward with highs in the 80’s and nights in the 50’s.  I noticed some cycling beginning at the upper gage but the magnitude is minor.  I’d expect a window of ugly water tomorrow but it looks like predictions might improve shortly.

Update: 6/8/15

The water is not as bad as I’d expected.  The following pic was taken at the Stinson boat landing around 10:30 AM, I guessed around 1.5′ vis but fished a short run in the lower river around noon and it looked more like 2′ vis to me.  The river remains fishable, even with a fly.


Update: 6/7/15

Lower river remained about perfect for the fly angler this morning.  Took a trip to Stinson just before noon and noticed quite a bit more turbidity up there.  Looked like about 1.5′ vis at Stinson and 3’+ in the lower river.  Today was warmer than yesterday so we’re likely going to see even more turbidity in the upper river tomorrow AM.  Lower river should be fly fishable for a while in the AM, 1.5′ vis is plenty from my perspective.

Weather forecast indicates a full week of daily temps into or near the 90’s with notable cooling beginning Monday the 15th.

I intend to fish a little tomorrow and a little more Weds and Thurs., we’ll see about the water.  I’ll post up a pic or two tomorrow after I’ve had a shot at swinging a fly.

Update: 6/4/15

Water remains in perfect shape, better than the last pic showed.  Wind blew aggressively Monday through Weds. but settled down today.  I’ve got about 5 hours on the water in the lower river and haven’t had a take of significance, lots of smolt taps but nothing suggesting substance.

Weather forecast shows more heat over the weekend, high’s in the 90’s which could bring more color into the river.  Based on the forecast I’d guess we’ll have fishable water (fly fishable water) until Monday at least.  NOAA’s discharge forecast suggests a slow rise but at these levels and flow speed I’d think a good bit of the potential turbidity will settle out before it hits the lower river.  Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Update: 5/31/15 Rain

Quick update, it rained a little in the valley tonight so it likely rained more in higher elevations.  NOAA predicts slightly rising water overnight so it might color up tomorrow.