Update: 7/10/15

Much cooler today and I noticed the 10 day forecast has shown dropping temps so it looks like the river might come back into shape tomorrow.  Still low water and water temps are critical but they should be improving (dropping a bit).  If you have the weekend free I’m guessing the Klicktitat will coming back into shape tomorrow, barring heavy rain on the mountain.

Update: 7/7/15

Water remains pretty ugly.  A slipped down to the water around 8:30 pm.  Did some casting, took a pic and took a temp.  Water was colder than I anticipated, about 66 F.  Since I enjoy spey casting I did a little fishing but nothing came of it.  The water is brown and even the salmon parr didn’t go for what I tried to present.  Actually I didn’t see evidence of fish life in the river, sorta weird.   Here’s a pic of where I stepped in.

water7715Water was ugly.  Weather forecast suggests it might get better by Friday or Saturday but I’m not convinced.  There is “in-river” work being done below Beeks canyon and plenty of the sediment is likely coming from there.  Glacial discharge is generally much lighter, more milky. that what I saw this evening.  Think the “in-river” work is effecting the visibility well past what is assumed.

Update: 7/5/15

The water had improved slightly over the last few days but today it got worse again.  We are expecting some days with high temps in the 80’s later this week but I’m not sure if the water will improve much.  I’ll try to get a pic or two mid week and take a water temp.


River is pretty ugly, 3 or 4″ vis at best.  Took a walk down there for a pic and to take a temp.  The water at 8:15 pm this evening was 69.1F.

I fear the turbidity actually increases water temps via absorption and release of the heat via suspended particles.  Thinking the water was actually warmer a few hours earlier.  There are places ground water inflows can keep the water in the mid 50’s F so I hope there are plenty of those places in the Klickitat.  The glacier is melting fast and though it starts out at 32F by the time it reaches the lower river it’s likely in the low 70’s F

Here’s the pic