Update: 8/30/15

Lower river is mud this morning.  Will update again later today.

Update: late this evening.

It rained again this evening, not hard, we need the nice soft infiltrating type rain to moisten things up.  Took this pic around 3pm at the town landing but the water will likely be ugly tomorrow and for a day two after.  The upper gages are showing increases in discharge so it’s rained more high up.  Could be a couple days before we see good water again.  I’ll try to stay on top of this and post info when things change.


Update: 8/29/15

It’s been a weird water year, not good and not terribly bad…just weird. With the drought and heat I worried we’d see 400cfs, maybe even less. Looks like the glaciers on Mt. Adams have done a great job keeping the Klickitat watered up.  Current discharge is very close to the 89 year average for this time of year.

With an expectation of low water I assumed we’d see clearer or less turbid water.  Of course the opposite has happened.  We have had lower than usual water but it hasn’t been clearer than usual water.  Recently air temps have been cooler but night time temps have been warmer.  Warmer nights push the daily cycle up and help keep the particles flowing.

We had some rain in town this morning and I couldn’t see Mt. Adams on a trip up to Leidl.  Heavy looking rain clouds blocked the mountain but it didn’t look like those clouds were dropping water.   Just checked some gages and see some rain did occur in the upper watershed.  Purely a guess, ugly water in the lower river tomorrow AM and, if it isn’t still raining, better water higher in the watershed.  Pic of this afternoon’s water at the town landing, plenty of wind hurling today but the leaves aren’t quite ready to mess fishing up.



8/27/15 Update:

Larger daily discharge cycle today.  The water in the lower river remains decent but not much, if any, better.  At Leidl it looked like the turbidity was a little higher but I’m not sure you’d notice it.  Weather forecast suggests we’ll hit 90F today, low 80’s tomorrow (Friday) and 70’s through next Saturday (10 day forecast).

My guess is the water will be improving throughout the following week though we have a high likelihood of rain on Saturday and Tuesday.  If we get notable rain the river will likely mud up but it’ll be a good thing regardless.  Salmon passage over Bonneville is getting big but steelhead numbers remain well under the 10 year average.

A pic at the town boat landing taken around Noon today.



Water is getting a bit better each day.  Over 2′ vis today, quite uniform from Summit Creek to the town of Klickitat.  Didn’t get a chance to fish this morning but did get a pic at the town boat landing.  Weather forecast suggests we might see excellent water by late this week but decent fishable water all week.


Update: 8/23/15

Fishing has picked up quite a bit over the last week or so.  Didn’t speak to anyone who didn’t have some action.  The water is improving, a good 2′ vis or so, not steelhead green yet but it should be soon.  Heard of a few fall chinook taken so the run is starting and should build quickly, so the fall season is almost upon us.  Most angers are finding a few steelhead if they put in a decent effort.

Had a low battery camera issue so no pics tonight.  Expect a pic or two tomorrow because I’m gonna fish the morning water.


Update: 8/19/15

Shortly after noon and the air temp is approaching 90F.  Forecast suggests we’ll see 95 this afternoon.  There is lots of smoke in the air from Glenwood Cougar Crk fire.  It’s so smokey you can smell it easily.  Pic taken from my front yard.


The weather forecast indicates cooling into the low 80’s tomorrow and mid 70’s on Friday, should provide much better water for the weekend.  It’s fishable today but not great, somewhere between a foot and 18″.


Update: 8/18/15

The water has improved a little from the last post, emphasis on “little”.  Went down to the water around 6:40pm and it didn’t look great, maybe 18″ vis.  Water temp was 63F so the warming is slowing down during the day, mid 90’s air temp today.  Guess the sun is lower in the sky and sun-on-water hours are diminishing as we approach Autumn.

81815waterChecked discharge a moment ago and came to realize the Klickitat discharge is not suffering like so many other PNW rivers.  She’s hanging within 100 cfs of her mean discharge in her 89 years of record.  Who’d a thunk it?  Most PNW rivers are in much worse shape this year but the Klickitat is hanging tough and  providing water for her fish, sure seems good to me!

Update: 8/16/15

Just returned from Leidl, the river is brown in town and up at Leidl.  Don’t know what happened.  The daily cycle is much greater than usual today so it may have rained up on the reservation.  The brown color is not typical of glacial melt which usually makes the river more gray or milky.  Looks like 6″ vis at best, pic follows.


Update: 8/15/15

Expected the water to be much better today, but it isn’t.  Likely the result of the strong winds we experienced yesterday, wind on the glaciers increases melt and can result in poor water conditions.  Took the following pic around 10:30 am today, about a foot of visibility, maybe a little more.  I’m thinking the water will be improving throughout the day.81515water

Update: 8/12/15

Water cleared a bit over the last couple days.  See pic below.  Around 2′ vis. late this morning in the lower river.  Temps are forecast to be mid 90’s today and tomorrow but much cooler on Friday.  Thinking the river will be in good shape for the weekend.