Update: 8/10/15

Water wasn’t great today, somewhere around a foot vis at Stinson around 10am.  Water looked about the same in the lower river too.  It was mostly overcast today and we even got a drop or two of rain this evening.  Actually very little rain but it was good to see water fall from the sky.  Looks like temps will rise into the mid 90’s tomorrow and Wed so we’ll likely see increased turbidity for the next couple days, if it rained hard up high it’ll likely be worse late tomorrow or Wednesday.

Fishing reports were pretty positive over the weekend so there are likely some steelhead around.  The new “Mandatory retention” of hatchery steelhead rule will make it more difficult to find hatchery fish because they are being removed once caught.  The numbers over Bonneville don’t look great but it seems the Klickitat is getting more than her share once again, cooler water might have something to do with it.

Update: 8/6/15

The Klickitat came back into pretty decent shape today and, based on the weather forecast, should remain in good shape throughout the weekend.  It’s close to steelhead green and might be tomorrow.  Weather forecast says we’ll have a week with daily highs in the 80F’s.

Fishing pressure has been almost non-existent so the weekend might provide better than usual opportunities. Took a water temp around 8pm this evening, 64F.  Looking forward to a good weekend for the fisher-people.

Here’s a pic of my evening water.



Update: 8/5/15

An apology for my silence.  We had a server problem that took the site down briefly and removed the two most recent posts.  Didn’t mean to be silent.

Air temps have been more pleasant the last 3 days but the river hasn’t come back to the shape I’d expected.  The Klickitat is fishable but not as clear as I’d hoped.  I was expecting steelhead green water by now but it hasn’t shown.  Here’s a funny one,  I just checked the weather forecast and learned the current air temp is 80F but the high for the day will be 76F, hmm, maybe I depend too much on weather forecasts?

Fished a run around noon but didn’t like the water, vis was slightly over a foot but I was hoping for 3 or 4 feet by today.  The pic gives an idea of today’s water.