Update: 9/1/15

September showed up accompanied by good water.  Over two foot, maybe 3′ vis this evening and it was improving as I stepped down.  Heard of decent numbers of both chinook and steelhead taken today, steelhead seem mostly wild.

Plan to fish the AM and am looking forward to it. No pics tonight, took a couple but they weren’t useful water-wise.

No new pics but I’ll add an old one.  This pic shows the second steelhead I caught on the Klickitat.  It’s from 1998, the Klickitat has been good to me.


Update: 8/31/15

The river is coming back into shape.  On the way up to Leidl this morning I got a good look at Mt. Adams and it’s covered with a fresh blanket of snow, looked gorgeous!  Also noticed the water was way better up there than in town.  The better water reached town this afternoon so I took a pic at the town landing around 7PM.  Should be even better tomorrow and improving as the week goes on.  Fall chinook numbers over Bonneville appear to be spiking so things are looking up.  We didn’t even have a daily cycle today, river’s been dropping almost all day.  Pic below, we might see steelhead green by Wednesday if the rains don’t return this week.