10/30/15: Update

It’s been raining lightly in the valley since dark.  I just had a look at the radar weather map, looks like more rain to come.  NOAA’s river forecast has the river going up to over 1000cfs (over 1200cfs actually).  The PITT gage is shooting up and the one above Leidl is shooting up too…but the gage above the Big Muddy confuence has doubled in the last few hours.  I’d guess we’ll have brown water at some point tomorrow.  Best chance for fishable water in the early AM will be the lower river but it might not last long or exist at all.  NOAA’s forecast suggests discharge will peak midday Sunday, then fall hard.  Water might not come back into shape until Wednesday.and more rain will extend it.  Steelheading should be good once this water passes, November can be excellent.

We need this rain and I hope it soaks in good.  Aquifers are likely getting real low and a good consistant and softish rain will help with the re-charge.

Update: 10/28/15

The Klickitat remains in perfect shape. Fall chinook are spawning big time.  If you see mounds of clean rocks please don’t walk on them.  There are eggs down there and more might survive if you choose to walk away from them.  Fall chinook are not endemic to the Klickitat but these days they are here and reproducing big time.  I understand the desire wild fish and agree with it but I also see these fall chinook as wild fish because the eggs are in the gravel and if they return as adults they have completed their life-cycle successfully.  If their progeny survive to spawn again then their progeny are wild.  Nature makes the decisions on what survives and what doesn’t.

.We had rain this morning but the river remains in perfect shape.


Update: 10/26/15

The rain didn’t add enough turbidity to change things.  Water remains about perfect.  Fall chinook are spawning big time.  I’d guess it’s steelhead that will dominate the remainder of the season.  The coho numbers are way down but I’ve heard or some caught upstream of the Klickitat Gorge.  As noted earlier I’ve had visitors for the last week or so, they’ve left now but did very well while here.

The weather forecast suggests some light rain here and there but things shouldn’t change much until Nov.1st or so.  NOAA’s river forecast suggests a heavy increase in flows Nov 1.  I’d guess turbidity will increase dramatically.  But it’s good now.  Fish when you can.

Update: 10/25/15

It’s been raining lightly in the valley since shortly after noon today.  NOAA’s river forecast suggests flows will increase by around 50 CFS this evening and into tomorrow.  The river has remained in excellent shape and will likely remain so for the rest of today but it could be coloring up tomorrow.  The forecast is showing good chances of continuing rain for the next week or so.

Fishing has been excellent  throughout most of the last week, some days better than others but that’s the way it goes.  I haven’t done much fishing in the past week or so due to some expected visitors at my home.  There has been a little fishing involved and some pretty nice steelhead landed  but I’ve been watching more than fishing.

I’ll update should the river go brown again.

Update: 10/17/15

The regular “modern firearm” deer season opened today so there is more traffic and you might hear a shot from time to time.  The camp grounds are well occupied though I’m sure there’s some space if you’re looking.

The Klickitat remains in excellent shape.  We have a chance of rain in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow AM.  Just checked the gages and they haven’t moved yet.  NOAA’s forecast suggests the river discharge will remain unchanged…water should remain in great shape for the next few days.

Update: 10/15/15

Heard of a good number of steelhead caught by a few anglers but it seems the salmon numbers are nothing like the last couple years.  Bonneville salmon numbers are huge but not quite so in the Klickitat.  Certainly good numbers are being caught down low in the sport or Native American fishery but they don’t seem to be upriver in numbers like the last couple years.

The water is excellent, steelhead green.  Here’s a pic of the water I walked into this evening.



Update: 10/14/15

Water is getting better.  Took a pic midday at the town hole but the sun was in the wrong spot for the pic.  Took another pic this evening while standing in calf deep water, it’s steelhead green now but should improve the next few days.  The last couple days have been good for both salmon and steelhead.anglers.

Mid-day pic, sun was in the wrong spot for this pic.water101415townboatTook another pic this evening while standing calf deep.  The water is plenty good for fly fishing.



Update: 10/12/15

The Klickitat is coming back into shape. She’s dropped from a peak on Saturday of 750 cfs down to 625 cfs at 8pm this evening.  Water should be decent tomorrow and I’d guess the salmon bite will be on.  There has likely been a good deal of fish movement over the last few brown water days.  Took the following pic around 3pm today at the town boat landing.


Update: 10/11/15

The river is mud.  The rains yesterday, though greatly needed did not help the fisherman.  Mount Adams has a fresh blanket of snow covering it’s entirety, all the way down to the tree line.  I spoke with many folks in the upper Yakima/Naches valleys and west yesterday and all said they were receiving heavy rain.  It’s a bluebird day here today so I’d guess the river will be clearing for the next few days.  We might have fishable water late Monday or early Tuesday.

Update: 10/10/15 early AM

The PITT gauge is shooting up already so it looks like we could expect the dirty water to come early today.  Looks like NOAA’s discharge prediction is going to be correct.  Muddy water on the way though it’s already colored up a bunch in town.