Update: 10/9/15

Back to the weather forecast and NOAA’s discharge forecast.   Rain is likely tomorrow afternoon and NOAA suggests a notable increase in discharge which will ultimately mud the river up again.  I’m not certain of the timing and doubt the river will mud up before Sunday though discharge is predicted to be climbing all day tomorrow.  Guess we’ll have to wait and see but I doubt the mud will come tomorrow.  Guessing fishing will be good tomorrow and that things will go south later in the day.  Water got better this evening and should continue improving overnight.  Tomorrow might be a good day to be on the water but if the water is rising all day it might put the fish down.  Guess I covered most options there so shouldn’t be wrong…

Update: 10/8/15…updated

The brown water is here.  Went upriver this morning and it looked pretty bad, less than 6″ vis.  The mud reached town just before noon.  No dark rain clouds in the sky though it’s completely overcast.  Here’s a pic of the water at the town boat landing around noon.

10815waterUpdate: The water got pretty bad today but I’m thinking it’ll be much better tomorrow.  Discharge is falling almost as fast as it went up.  That suggests quicker clearing.  Fishing could be good in the morning, the freshet certainly got the salmon moving and the steelhead will be searching for preferable holding water once the salmon move through.

Update: 10/7/15

The Klickitat has remained in perfect shape over the last week. Here’s a pic of the water around 5pm in the lower river last evening.  About as clear as I’ve ever seen the Klickitat.  I need to get a polarizing lens for my camera, these pics never really show what I’m looking at with my polarized sunglasses.water10615Current weather forecasts suggest there might be some changes coming in the next few days.  It’s overcast and lightly raining in the valley around town with slightly more rain falling on the plateau.  Mt. Adams is socked in with water laden clouds and the Simcoe’s look similar.  Freezing levels on Mt Adams are way high so it looks like rain might be falling up there too. NOAA’s forecast predicts increasing discharge tonight and tomorrow.  The predicted increase comes to about 75cfs which equates to about 1.25″ increase in surface water level.  That’s enough of a freshet to get fish moving and add some turbidity.

The rain is certainly welcome.  The ground is extremely dry so soft rains will dampen it, be absorbed and ready it to absorb harder rains…we need to get started on a serious aquifer recharge.  NOAA’s forecast out a couple days further suggests another, more significant freshet occurring Sat. & Sunday.  If the prediction is accurate turbidity may become a problem for the fly fishermen.  Stay tuned, I’ll update when things change.

The freshet(s) along with some added turbidity will likely get the fall chinook moving upriver and I’d guess the chinook fishing might become excellent tomorrow afternoon.  Anyone who’s noticed the concentration of boats at the Columbia confluence might conclude there are bunch of chinook waiting to enter the Klickitat, this freshet could make it happen.

Steelhead continue trickling in, fishermen covering the water are finding them.   .