Update: 11/4/15

The river is coming back into shape.  We’ve had frost in the lower valley the last couple nights and and the river has dropped over 400 cfs since the last post and pic.  Discharge at 9 am today was 924 cfs and the river looks fishable to me.  Took the following pic at the town landing at 9am today (compare this pic to the previous one, same spot and same rocks).  Looks like about a foot of vis to me and with the cold nights it should be improving dramatically over the next couple days.  water11415

Rain is in the forecast for the weekend and next week so we’re down to less than a month of the fishing season left and the river might remain colored up for much of that time.  Here’s hoping for some good water before its over.


Update: 11/2/15

Things have settled down around here.  We’ve had rain on and off for the last few days and the river is now dropping.  The forecast suggests relatively small chance of more rain until next weekend (Sat & Sun).

Discharge peaked at around 2200cfs but is already down to 1360, fishing should be good when the river comes back into shape. Current vis is in the 2 or 3 inch range.  I’m guessing/hoping it might be fishable by Wednesday.   This pic was taken around noon at the town boat landing.