Gorgeous morning on the Klickitat

It’s been snowing since early this morning, perfect pre-Christmas setting.  Looks like about 4″ so far with no sign of it slowing down.  Took a pick toward the river from my deck, there’s a “not so happy looking bird” sitting there trying to stay warm.  Temps are right around the freezing mark and expected to warm shortly so the snow will likely turn to rain and shortly disappear.  Merry Christmas.

snow121715Update on Nextcast lines.  I sent some mislabeled lines back to Nextcast for replacement and have rec’d them back.  They are now listed on the spey sale page.

Spey sale update: new products added

Received a pre-season shipment of rods and reels from Hardy today so added some items to the sale list.  The items include a few classic Hardy reels, some high end Hardy Sintrix single handers called the Wraith and the Zephrus (they are fast) and some Hardy Jet 11′ switch rods.  Also added a couple rods from Fenwick that are relatively new to the US and based on Grey’s (Hardy/Greys UK) rods.  These are labelled Fenwick Aetos rods and we have an 11’1″ 7/8 switch and a 13′ 8/9 spey.  If you’re in the area and can stop by the shop we’d be pleased to show off these rods. They are very well finished with fastish actions.

High water 12/9/15 w/5pm edit

We’ve had pretty constant rain for the last couple days and the Klickitat is on a rampage.  She’s about to jump over 10,000 cfs and flood stage.  We get similar flows every three or four years and it generally moves tons of debris like trees and rocks and what ever is in it’s path.  These high water events result in a river that seems cleaned up quite a bit and different once every thing settles down.  High water events can dramatically alter the usual holding water which makes it quite interesting to explore once things settle down.  The whitefish season is open so we’ll have some opportunity to check it out in the next few weeks.  Couple pics taken around mile 15 this morning.  Merry Christmas to all!

highwater12915_bhighwater12915_aLooks like discharge will peak at 11,700 cfs for now.  More rain in the near forecast so she might go higher yet.