Mid Winter Update: 2/17/16

Thought it time for a quick update.  We had quite a bit of snow earlier this winter and Mt. Adams has a good covering.  More recently it’s been warm in the valley, temps reaching the 60’s and sun from time to time.  Looking forward to a good salmon/steelhead return for 2016.  There has been a recent uptick in steelhead passage over Bonneville and the wild numbers are slightly better than the 10 yr. Average.  It’s too early to guess and certainly those are winter steelhead that will be spawning and likely out of the system before the season opens.  It’s good so see, or imagine, some encouragement from time to time so I’ll stick with it.

A few weeks ago I rec’d a small package from Hans Solie (I believe he resides in the Yakima Valley).  I don’t have contact info for Hans so I’ll use this blog to thank him.  He sent me a couple pics and some flies that I’m confident will hook steelhead for me this summer.  Here’s a pic of the flies and one of Hans’ fish from last summer on the Klickitat.  Thanks Hans!