Update: 3/3/16 Stinson boat landing is gone

Received these pics today from Tom (slipstream tackle) Fritch.  Looks like the Stinson boat landing is completely gone.  The high water a few weeks ago obviously changed things around quite a bit.  The concrete is downriver a little and the bank is about a 4′ drop to the river.  Don’t know if WDFW will replace the landing as I’m sure they are not thick with cash.  Guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens.  Maybe the landing at Leidl will be the only option?  Pics below:


3/2/16 update and optimism

Being a steelhead fanatic I always watch passage numbers over Bonneville, even in the winter.   Though I could be dead wrong I’m optimistic, maybe as a fisherman I have to be.  The numbers are exceeding the 10 yr avg. for both total and wild steelhead. These are obviously winter fish which are a poor predictor of the following brood year returns.  Nonetheless, I like seeing positive movement and considering the last 5 or so years the 10 year average has been increasing so if it continues increasing we’ll see some pretty good returns in the near future.  Lot’s more going on here than I understand but positive movement is positive movement.  I like positive movement.