4/9/16: Regs change, season is slightly open.

Fishing season opened below the Fisherhill Bridge on April 1st but only 3 days a week.  This year it’s NOT open on Sundays!  Saturday, Monday and Wednesday only.  Daily limit is 2 salmon or hatchery steelhead, or one of each.

The regular season opens June 1st and I’m optimistic.  Bonneville passage continues to exceed the 10 yr. average for both all steelhead and wild steelhead.  Spring chinook are also exceeding the 10 yr. avg.

Most of the steelhead over Bonneville so far have been winter fish that will likely have left or died before the fishing season opens.  But, a good number of the more recent fish are spring steelhead and many of them are headed for the Klickitat.  These fish will likely be in the Klickitat system for close to a year before spawning.

I’m remaining optimistic for the coming season.