Another update 6/29/16:

Stepped into the water shortly after 8pm and didn’t really like the water.  It was fishable but it didn’t bring any confidence to the space between my ears.  It has the gray tint that indicates glacial fines.  Weather was cooler today and should be about the same tomorrow.  Mid 80’s doesn’t normally start anything but the extent of the heat and the rising freezing levels on Adams have done some damage.  My guess for vis this evening is around knee deep or a little better…but it’s moving glacial dust.  It’s a tough color for me.


6/29/16 Update:

The heat is having an impact but the river remains fishable at this point.  Still over a foot of vis, close to 2 feet.  We’re expecting a high of 86F today and tomorrow and then the forecast suggests highs into the low 80’s.  I’m guessing the river will hold up. Here is a pic taken around 10:30 AM at the town boat landing.


6/28/16 update: Water?

The last 3 days, including today were warm, hot if you were in the sun.  The weather forecast suggests we’ll see high’s in the high 80’s tomorrow and then high’s in the mid to lower 80’s for the following few days.  Better than low 90’s I’d guess.  I’m thinking the river, as of today, started it’s normal summer cycling routine.  Trouble is the freezing elevation on Adams is way high.  If we are lucky the river will stay in decent shape but I’m not as confident as I’d like to be based on those Adams freezing elevations.

This evening’s water was pretty decent though the glacial melt influence was obvious.  Here’s a pic of the evening water around mile 7, looked to me like well over 2′ vis, close to 30 inches.water62816mile7

6/26/26 update:

Think we hit 90 F today, if you were in the sun it felt like 110 F and was not comfortable.  The weather forecast says we should expect highs in the low 90’s for the next three days followed by highs in the high 80’s.

NOAA’s river forecast suggests flow will increase over 100 cfs in the next day and half.  That sounds like trouble but from the recent past I don’t recall being concerned with low 90’s as a high.  Watch and see, if discharge does increase quickly as predicted

Hydrograph plot for PITW1

we’ll likely see a notable turbidity increase.  Conditions should deteriorate beginning tomorrow if NOAA is correct.  I have a sense we’ll see decreased vis but the river will remain fishable, even with a fly, we’ll see.

6/25/16 Update:

Water has improved dramatically this morning.  I took a pic at 6am and another at 10am at the town boat landing.  Notice the difference, had to take the 10am pic from a slightly different spot as the sun was directly opposite and there was a bunch of glare.  Should be back to excellent conditions tomorrow or even this afternoon.


6/24/16 Update:

Just learned the river has turned to mud above Stinson this morning.  Must have rained hard on Adams last night.  I’ll confirm with a pic later today.

Edit:  The water did deteriorate thoughout the day.  Took the following pic around 3pm but conditions got worse and I took another look around 8pm.  Visibility was around 5″ at 3pm and around 2″ at 8pm.  I’m guessing it’ll improve overnight but I’m not certain what happened so could be wrong.  If it resulted from rain on Adams it should be better in the AM but if there was a slide or some such thing on Adams then it could take much more time to settle down.


6/20/16 Update: perfect water…

This June has been better than most.  Cool weather has given us extremely good conditions for this time of year.  Discharge has been lower than usual due to the cool temps and the water is as good as it gets.  Talked to a few fly fishermen the last couple days and two of them actually stated they’d like to see more turbidity…never looked at it that way personally but I do understand the thought.

Snuck down to the water for about an hour this evening but ran into a juvenile black and white critter on the trail down.  Should’a taken a pic but wanted to get past it so I could fish, then ran into it again on the way back home, hope it was the same one because I’m not accustomed to dealing with skunks when I go fishing.  Maybe I should have just taken the first encounter as a sign?

Here’s a pic of the water while I was wading thigh deep.

water62016We’re expecting somewhat warmer weather for the next couple weeks but I don’t think the water will change much as the forecast suggests highs in the mid 80’s and some days high 60’s so water conditions should continue to be good for fishing through next weekend.

Update: 6/12/16

Water was perfect for the weekend, steelhead green.

Discharge has been dropping consistently and sits at 1500 cfs. as I write.  This cool weather and low freezing level is saving our snow/ice pack.  Looks like freezing levels will hang around 6000 ft for the next few days on Adams so we should be conserving water for later in the season.

I snuck out a little early this evening so I could sling a fly.  Here’s a pic of the water I stepped into.  Water is still a bit high for this run but I generally feel lucky so…

water61216A gentleman from a few miles west of here found this hatchery hen swinging a fly this morning.  Here’s a pic of Kristian’s morning Chrome.




6/9/16 Update:

The last couple days have been much cooler with plenty of cloud cover, high’s haven’t reached 75F.  I assumed the water would be great this morning but was surprised to see otherwise.  Eight to ten inches of vis at best this morning, I intended to fish but didn’t.

The water did improve throughout the day so I decided to close the shop a little early so I could fish for an hour this evening.  Could see my boots in knee deep water so that puts vis at about 2 ft. this evening.  Should be much better in the morning.  The weather forecast suggests a high of 65F tomorrow and 68F on Saturday.  Water should be excellent for the weekend.  Here’s a pic of the evening water.