Update 6/6/16: ugly water

Temps were warm again today, very warm.  Turbidity increased throughout the day. Took this pic just before 3pm at the town landing.  I’d guess 6 to 10″ vis.  It’ll likely be worse tomorrow so fly fishermen might want to stay home or go somewhere else.

Weather forecast looks very nice, 90’s tomorrow but 60’s & 70’s from Weds to the predicted future, 15 days I think it was.  Ugly water for the next couple days but improvement coming in a couple and conditions could become very good and last a while, cross your fingers.  Pic of today’s water.


6/4/16 update

Got warm today, high 90’s maybe even low 100’s, depending on who you talk too.  It was warm, that’s for sure.  Been watching discharge and at this point it looks like the water will be fine tomorrow.   Word is out the temporary steel bridge at twin bridges (~mile 17.5) will be replaced shortly.  I’m told it won’t stop traffic but need to wait and see on that.

Slipped up to Stinson around 11am and took a pic of the water.  Plenty good for the fly fisherman and at this point I’m guessing the water will be plenty good tomorrow (Sunday) too.  Here’s a quick pic that doesn’t show the real vis, certainly well over 2′ more likely 3′.


6/3/16 update:

A few thoughts about what I think might happen with the heat we had today and are expecting the next few days.

Been watching weather forecasts for the last 3 or 4 days and the forecasts have dropped each day.  Now the high is predicted to be 99 F on Sunday but in the next four days the lowest high is predicted to be 92 on Tues.  Worst thing is the freezing levels on Mt Adams will be around 15,000 ft. through Monday so it won’t be freezing and the sun lights Adams up first and darkens her last.   If the glaciers start chugging 24 hrs. it could get ugly. That’s the negative.

Here’s the optimists view.  There is still plenty of snow on Adams that’ll have to melt before we get glacial melt and the fine glacial till.  And, snow is white so it reflects much more of the sun’s heat than rocks.  Watch the discharge, if it screams up over 100 CFS. I’d get worried.  The optimist in me expects turbidity to increase each day but the weekend should provide fishable water.  Tues. and Weds. next week will be the worst water.  Weather forecast suggests it’ll get real good after that.

Update: 6/1/16

Fishing season opened on the Klickitat today.   Steehead and spring chinook are in the river and available for fishermen.  Thought I’d get out early this morning but it didn’t happen…snuck down to the river this evening after closing the shop earlier than I should have.  Just wanted to wade and fish a little.

Setup one of my old Scottish Daiwa rods with a Nextcast Coastal 8/9 multi density head and 14′ sinktip.  The rod is 12′ for 8/9 and I had some problems to start but by the time I was done I almost loved it.  Used an airflo 30# miracle braid running line and had a little trouble holding the running line while casting but it did get easier as time went on.  It would shoot all the way to the other bank but managing running line isn’t one of my strength’s.  I’ve been using integrated longer lines since I started spey casting.

The water was perfect steelhead green.  Heard of a few fish hooked and talked to a younger guy casting a spey who landed a steelhead this morning.  Here’s a pic of the water but the water is way better than the pic might indicate.