7/27/16 update:

The river is holding better than I anticipated.  Turbidity has increased but it’s still fishable.  Something like 6 to 10 inch vis depending on water velocity and location.  The forecast looks pretty ugly for the weekend.  Air temps in the lower valley are expected to be around 100F on Thursday and Friday which suggests the weekend will see the poorest water we’ve had this year.

Air temps are expected to drop into the 80’s beginning Saturday but that’ll be too late for the weekend.  High’s in the 80’s usually provide decent water but this time it looks like the freezing levels on Mt. Adams won’t be cooperating.  Looks like it could be a couple weeks before we see steelhead green water again.

Here’s a pic of mid-day water at the town boat landing.  Conditions will be getting worse over the next few days.

water72716The Nextcast lines available has been updated so it’s current to date, if you see it we have it.

7/25/16 Update: Edited, new info on blockage

Took a drive up to Leidl for some shuttles late this morning.  Since I was already up there I  decided to check on the tree blockage above Leidl.

Edited: 8:15 pm From what I could see the tree remains but I received a call this afternoon to inform that the tree has been cut on the near shore and there is room for a hard-boat to get through so this is no longer an issue.  It may become a problem in the future as discharge drops but currently it is passable.

The water up there is turning brown.  Looks like vis is definitely beginning to deteriorate.   I expect the river to begin the normal daily cycling we’ve seen over many years but this time I’m not sure we’ll see much better water low in the drainage during the morning.  I’m guessing this based on the freezing levels on Mt. Adams.  Looks like there won’t be any freezing up there so the glacial till will continue to flow into the Klickitat 24 hours a day, though it should decrease at night.

Here’s a pic of the tree, poor pic as I didn’t have much time so took the pic from the first spot I stopped, it is what it is but the tree clearly remains.

Leidl blockage remains72516

7/24/16 Update:

Looks like we’re expecting daily high’s into the 90’s for the next week or so.  Slipped up to Stinson late this morning and noticed quite a difference up there.  Turbidity has increased up there and it will be hitting the lower river in a few hours.  Freezing levels on Adams are expected to be around 15,000 ft. so it won’t be freezing up there.

My guess is we’ll have fishable water the rest of today but it’ll begin to deteriorate tomorrow and will likely get worse as the week progresses.

Took this pic where the Stinson boat landing used to be, close to a foot vis I’d guess but it’ll likely get worse as time goes by.


7/18/16 Update:

Looks like we may have dodged another bullet.  Discharge increased by a little over 100 cfs at the mile 7 gage but the water remains decent.  Looks like the peak increase has passed so I’m thinking the water should be improving somewhat the next couple days.  Took the following pic at the town landing around 11:45 am today.  At least 2′ of vis.

water71816 noon

7/17/16 Update: Edited

Rain clouds came by this evening and from what I hear some heavy rain occured within the county.  Late this afternoon Mt. Adams was covered with potential rain clouds, freezing levels hanging around 10K feet so plenty of snow and ice could melt.  Looks like discharge might be heading up at the gage above the West Fork.   That doesn’t tell us anything about the Big Muddy though.  Depending on where the “heavy rains” fell we could see ugly water tomorrow.

Wasn’t aware the NOAA predictions would remain live when I copied and paste them.  Some things are lost in that fact and others are gained.  Watch that chart, if the Klick begins to follow the prediction it’ll get ugly.

Edit:  above the Westfork discharge is screaming up.  Nothing indicating the Big Muddy is doing anything yet.

Graph of  Discharge, cubic feet per second

Update: 7/15/16

Not much to say other than the weekend should provide very good water.  Temps were cooler today so runoff should slow down a bit.  Steelhead fishing has been both good and bad.  When things are right I guess they’re right and when they aren’t they aren’t.   I’m still skunked and have plenty of excuses.

No news on the blockage above Leidl so I must assume the tree remains as is.

Update, NOAA predictions 7/13/16

Once again NOAA is predicting a notable increase in discharge.  The only reason I can come up with for this is the rising freezing levels on Mt. Adams.  Doubt daily high’s in the mid 80’s will make this happen even with extremely high freezing levels on Adams.

Hydrograph plot for PITW1

Update on tree blocking passage above Leidl

Went searching for the tree blockage above Leidl this morning.   It’s actually less than a mile above Leidl and it could pose a problem.   Took a few pics from the logging road above and they don’t show all the needed detail but it’s all I have for now.  The tree fell right across the river and there it sits.  The spot it fell might offer a passage option on the far right side but I couldn’t tell from where I was and the pic doesn’t give the needed detail for a high level of confidence.  Here are the pics.

Leidl blockage_1Leidl blockage_2

**Important floating info, danger!**

I was notified today of a complete blockage in the river about a mile upstream of Leidl campground.  There is a tree completely across the river and the only way through is to get your boat “over” the tree.  This info was provided by Andy Arnold of Mattawa, WA.   This tree likely came down during the high winds we had in the last few days.  So, be very careful if you intend to float from Summit Creek to Leidl or Stinson.  Don’t try it in a hard boat.  Apparently going “around” it is not an option unless you can lift your boat up and over.  I will update when I find out more.

7/8/16 Update:

We had some rain in the lower valley late yesterday and during the night.  Don’t think it rained all that hard down here.  Water looked just fine just before I opened the shop at 6am this morning.  Went up to Stinson around 10:30am and the water looked fine up there too.  So, it looks like we might have dodged the bullet.  The Gage at Pit is starting to climb but the turbidity is not.  The Gage below Summit Creek has leveled out and that one is around 5 miles upstream of Stinson so it looks like the river will hold just fine.

Pic of the water early this morning in town and pic at Stinson around 10:30 am.  Looks good to me.