Update 7/7/16: ??? A complete rewrite.

Completely updating this post.  I missed the rain predicted for Mt. Adams so this is why NOAA is predicting a 100cfs.+ increase in discharge.  If that happens and notable rain falls on the eastern to northeastern flanks of Adams the river could go ugly in the next couple days.  Most of the precip falls on the west side of the divide but Adams makes it’s own weather, including wind currents.  Rain clouds heading east might mess it up.  Keep a close eye on this if you plan to fish the weekend.  If you see steep increases in discharge at either of the upper gauges you’ll know a little more about what to expect.


7/7/16 Update:

Perfect conditions today, no wind, steelhead green water and mostly overcast skies.  Weather forecast suggests the river will remain in great shape for the coming weekend.  Here’s a pic of the water around 10:30 AM at the town boat landing.


July 4th update: May God Bless America!

The long weekend didn’t provide the type of water I like though it did remain fishable.  Looking forward the turbidity should decrease based on weather forecasts and freezing levels on Mt. Adams.  The weather forecast indicates high’s in the upper 70’s for the next 10 days.  That should bring the river back into better shape.  Looking forward to this week.

Wishing you all a happy and safe 4th of July.  Also, if you’re camping around the Klickitat please be very careful with any fireworks, it’s extremely dry and the wind has been blowing.

6/30/16 update:

Water is about the same as yesterday.  Flows have decreased a little and the usual cycling seems to be establishing itself.  Turbidity will likely decrease as we go forward but doubt our eyes will notice.  The water remains decent, some like it this way and the catching has been pretty good overall.