8/29/16 Update:

Beginning Wednesday I’m guessing the water will be about perfect for anglers.  Looks like local high temps will stick to the 70’s for the next couple weeks.  Must be the beginning of fall and it looks like the fall chinook will return in seriously good numbers.  No pics of water needed from here on out I’d guess though I’ll be sure to post some anyway, none today though.

8/28/16 Update:

Water looks good again today, maybe a little glacial till adding some gray but well over a foot of vis.  Took the following pic at the town boat landing around noon today, slightly different spot as there was a boat sitting where I usually take the pics.

water82816The predicted high for today is 89F and beginning Tues (8/30/16) temps should be falling into the 70’s for the next couple weeks.

8/26/16 Update:

Water today was excellent, better than I expected.  So, I’ll guess it’ll be good tomorrow too.  We had toasty temps again today but about the same as yesterday and forecast suggests a high of 85F tomorrow.  Heard of some hatchery steelhead taken today and the fall chinook are starting to show up too.  Sorry, no pics tonight.

8/24/16 Update:

The Klickitat is back into excellent shape.  Actually it came back yesterday but I didn’t get a chance to update.

We’re expecting high temps into the low 90’s for the next couple days and then dropping into the 80’s for the weekend and beyond.  My guess is the river will hold up through the weekend as days are getting shorter and nights have been reasonably cool.  The longer weather forecast suggests we’re heading into fall with high’s in the 70’s.  There should be some fall chinook in the river now and the numbers over Bonneville look good.  Took the following pic at the town landing around 11am this morning, water looks good.


Steelhead numbers have dropped well below half of the 10 year average, that’s tough to see and I have no idea why though I do understand some of the Snake river tribs have reduced hatchery plants over the last few years.  That’s a potential solution but I doubt that reduction could fully explain a drop-off this large.  As of 8/23/16 total steelhead passage over Bonneville has been 103,156 while the 10 year average is 227,608 (45%). The wild steelhead numbers are even worse, 34,774 while the 10 year average is 84,680 (41%).

8/20/16 Update:

Temps reached close to 100F again today but we’ve seen plenty fishable water if you’re willing to chase the daily cycle. The water is holding up about at good as can be expected, it hasn’t turned to mud.  Freezing levels on Adams are predicted to drop 3000′ tonight, trouble is it’s dropping from 15,000 ft. to 12,000 ft.

All things considered, the freezing level drop should reduce the melting rate at night which should give a little relief.  Tomorrow through Tuesday we’re expecting daily highs in the 80’s so conditions should improve somewhat.  Took the following pic around 7:45 pm at the town landing, this is about the highest turbidity we saw today.  Very few fishermen on the water today.


8/18/2016 Update:

Turbidity has increased a little today.  We’re expecting daily high temps to hit 100F today so turbidity will likely increase tomorrow.  Friday’s forecast suggests mid to low 90’s so the river should improve a little bit for the weekend.  It won’t be great water but it should remain fishable.  Bonneville passage still falling for steelhead but fall salmon numbers are looking decent.  Heard of a hatchery steelhead caught this morning, there has been very little fishing pressure the last couple days.

Looks like there will be window of better water next Tuesday through Thursday based on predicted high’s in the mid to low 80’s.  Then it’s back into the 90’s.

Took two pics late this morning, first at Stinson and the other at the town boat landing.


8/16/16 Update:

We’ve had warm weather recently and the forecast suggests we’ll have warm weather for the next couple weeks, 90’s mostly.

I assumed the river would be brown by now but it isn’t.  Guessing a strong foot or better of vis.  Temps are predicted to hang in the 90’s for the next two weeks and freezing levels on Adams are not freezing.  Took a few pics today, first is at Stinson around 3pm.  Others at the town landing.  The Klickitat seems to be offering fishable water regardless of what we expect.  First pic is at the used to be Stinson boat landing around 2 pm.  Better than a foot, better than a foot and a half.

stinsonwater81616Water at the town boat landing around 3pm.  The lighting has way more impact on what we see than reality.  Sun off and sun on in this pic.

2tonetownlanding81616It’s fishable, even with a fly and I don’t think it’ll get much worse in the next week or so.

8/14/16 Update:

Looks like we’re going to see heavy daily cycles for the coming week.  Local temps predicted to be sitting in the mid 90’s and freezing levels on Adams over 15,000 ft.  Take advantage of the cycle if you want to fish!  Wish I had something positive to say but I don’t…

Bonneville steelhead passage continues to fall, currently below 50% of the 10 year average and wild numbers are even worse.  There are some things that make me lean toward thinking the Klickitat won’t suffer as much as the farther upstream Columbia tribs.  Received info suggesting the “A” run (1 salt steelhead) Snake River fish are not returning as expected.  That’s a large population, if they suffered heavy loss then the drop in Bonneville passage might be explained?

8/12/16 Update:

The river held pretty well today considering the heat we had yesterday.  Very similar heat today so I’d expect some more turbidity tomorrow, better or worse depending on time and location.  Freezing levels are up near 15,000 ft again and will apparently stay that high for the next week.

Took the following pic around 3pm at the town landing, still well over a foot of visibility.  I believe we should expect decreasing vis throughout the weekend and into next week.


8/11/16 Update:

The Klickitat has remained in excellent condition, Monday through today (Thurs).  It was notably warmer today and the forecast suggest high’s in the 90’s for the next week.  Tomorrow and Saturday are expected to be upper 90’s so we will likely see some glacial color added but I’d guess the river will remain fishable through the weekend but conditions will be deteriorating.  Took a couple pics today, first is at the town boat landing and second is where I stepped in.