8/7/16 Update:

Short and sweet.  High’s in the mid to upper 70’s today and the forecast is cooler for tomorrow.  Should be a nice window of opportunity tomorrow through Wednesday.  Freezing levels predicted to drop below 9000′ so a bit of relief at night.

8/5/16 Update:

The water has deteriorated somewhat since yesterday.  It remains fishable and will likely remain very similar throughout the weekend.  Daily temps will remain warm (80’s) until early next week when they’re predicted to fall into the 70’s.  Took this pic at the town boat landing just before noon today.


8/3/16 Update:

Water has improved today and I’d guess it won’t change much over the next few days, even through the weekend.  Freezing level will remain high but I’m assuming the night time thaw will diminish.  Should be decent water through the weekend I’d guess.

Pic of todays water at the town boat landing.


8/1/16 Update:

From my perspective the weather forecast makes predicting what we’ll see in the next week or so almost impossible. We’re sitting right on the edge of maybe seeing better water and maybe not.  The fly anglers should be looking closely to determine if it’s worth the effort.  Those using gear/bait might like the water just fine if it remains as is.

We’ll be seeing some high’s in the low 90’s and some high’s in the low 80’s for the next week.  Freezing levels should be dropping tomorrow but not enough and only for the day, then back up to over 12,000 ft.

Bonneville steelhead passage has fallen apart.  Wild steelhead numbers are about half the 10 year average to date and total steelhead numbers are falling well behind too.

Here’s a pic of the town water around noon today.