9/22/16 Update:

Water conditions improved quickly and we’re now back to very clear water.  See following pic taken around noon at the town boat landing.  Steelhead numbers haven’t improved much but fall chinook are here.  Fishing has been tough.


9/18/16 Update:

The rain has had a huge impact on the river.  It remains fishable from my perspective but clarity is down to under a foot.  Discharge increased by a little over 100 cfs.  Pretty confident this will bring the fall chinook up river and maybe even some steelhead.  We needed the rain and we could get some more.  Adams remains covered by clouds.  Took a couple pics just prior to noon today, first is the town boat landing and second is at Stinson Flat.91816town91816stinson

Update: 9/17/16

We did get rain today, a few clouds provided minimal on and off rain showers throughout the day in the lower valley but higher elevations likely rec’d more rain, potentially much more.  Discharge has begun to rise and it looks like we might see an increase of about 50 cfs.  This could add a little color to the water too so I’d guess we’ll see a push of fall chinook in the lower river beginning tomorrow AM.  There remains a chance of more rain tomorrow also.   Good news I’d guess.  No pics this evening.

We’re still here, update 9/16/2016

The water has remained perfect since my last post.  Please accept my apology for the delay in updates.  We’re expecting bunches of fall chinook to visit shortly, a little push of water would probably do it.  There has been a lot of fishing pressure at the mouth in the Columbia and in the Klick gorge down near Lyle.  Fall chinook numbers over Bonneville remain promising.

I’ve had zero luck accessing the weather page I usually use for forecasts this evening so this comes from the last time I could access it.  The prediction was for a 20% chance of rain on Saturday and a smaller chance on Sunday.  If we do get a decent downpour somewhere in the basin we might bet lucky but 20% chance has never seemed promising to me.  Next Thursday seems more promising, 60% chance of rain.  Another site suggests there will be rain on Adams tomorrow, very little rain and it could end up being mostly snow but a little color and a push of water sound good to me.

Had a couple guests from the East Coast for a few days.  We swung flies together Weds. afternoon and evening and caught the skunk.  They went on a swing only guided float trip with Travis at westernwatersguides.com on Thurs. and did find fish.  First pic is Frank delivering a cast, second is David thinking about casting. Mid-afternoon pics.


9/5/16 Update:

The river was in perfect shape over the Labor Day weekend.

There were chances of rain in the forecast but it didn’t happen in the lower valley and from what I assume didn’t happen in the upper valley either.  There was a notable spike in discharge yesterday but the graphs look somewhat artificial.  It may have rained briefly on Mt. Adams yesterday but it didn’t effect the visibility much at all.  I’m not sure what to think of the increase in discharge.  It went up too fast and was too flat for too long, possibly a measurement/equipment/connection problem but it did show up at both lower gage sites.  Here’s a pic of the water around 2:30pm at the town landing, doesn’t get any better.

water9516Heard of a number of fall chinook landed and also some steelhead.  We need some rain to add some color and get the chinook moving upriver.  Also hoping there are some fresh steelhead waiting in the Columbia for an added push of water.