10/31/16 Update:

I assumed the river would go brown again yesterday (Sunday) but it didn’t happen.  We had rain most of the day but it was a nice pitter patter and likely did much good for our aquifers.  We’ve had more rain this fall than I can remember since moving here in 1998.  The river remains higher than normal but overall I’d say all the rain has been good for the fishery though we aren’t benefiting from it this year but likely will in the near future.  Took this pic at the town boat landing (same spot as usual) around noon today.  Looks good, over 1.5′ vis and the weather forecast suggests it’ll only improve over the next few days.


10/28/16 Update:

Seems to me the river is fishable this morning, around 1′ vis at the town boat landing.  Rain remains in the forecast for tomorrow but it looks fishable to me today.


10/27/16 Update:

Discharge increased to nearly 2000 cfs overnight.  That’s a rise of over 750 cfs.  It’s still raining lightly in town but the river is dropping.  The weather forecast for Klickitat and Glenwood suggest a good chance of rain for the next 10 plus days.  Looks like the weekend might not provide decent water.  Chance of rain for Friday is only 10% but Saturday it’s back up to 60%.  Took this pic at the town boat landing around 10:30 AM today.water102716Looks like a bunch of Coho passed Lyle Falls yesterday so when the water improves they might provide some fishing opportunity.

10/26/16 Update:

We had rain most of the night and until noon or so in the lower valley.  Some periods of light rain and some periods of heavier rain.  The lower river (Stinson and down) remains in good shape but it won’t hold up for long.  Discharge is already up 300 cfs at the gage upstream of Leidl so it looks like we’re going to see mud again.  Conditions will likely deteriorate this evening in the lower river and remain ugly for the next 10 plus days based on the weather forecast.

NOAA’s forecast doesn’t agree with what I wrote above.  NOAA predicts a sharp rise in discharge followed by a sharp drop.  The weather forecast doesn’t suggest a sharp drop to me, more like a hold or increase in discharge.  We’ll have to wait and see but it doesn’t look good for the weekend or next week.

10/22/16 Update:

Discharge is dropping and the river is coming back into shape.  Still limited vis in the lower river, around 1.5′ at the town landing, see pic.water102216Forecast suggests the river should continue to improve through Monday then the rains may come again.

10/21/16 Update:

Discharge shot up again and the river is ugly in the lower valley.  I hear it’s improving up at Stinson so this might flow through quickly.  I’ll update this post with a pic later today.  Barring heavy rain in the upper watershed we might have decent water later today and tomorrow (Saturday).

Water at the Klickitat town boat landing.


10/19/16 Update:

Water is notably better today, my guess is around 1.5′ vis.  Discharge has dropped to 1430 cfs at the PITT gage.  This pic was taken at the town boat landing (noon 10/19, full sun).  NOAA’s river forecast suggests another rain event likely beginning tonight and an increase in discharge of about 200 cfs so the river may go brown again on Friday.  There should be some fresh fish in the Klickitat, there has been zero pressure for the last 5 days.  This pic was taken at the same spot as usual.  The previous pic looks like it might be a different spot but it’s the same, just edited a little differently to make sure the rocks were visible (10/18 pic.)


10/18/16 Update:

We might be experiencing a brief respite from the rain and brown water.  The river shot up to well over 2000 cfs. on the 14th and it’s been brown and high since.  We’ve had on and off rain until today, the sun finally came out and flows are about to drop below 1600 cfs.  Took a pic at the town boat landing today but the river level makes it difficult to see the spots, look closely, you’ll see rocks under about 5 inches of water, vis looks close to a foot with a brown tone remaining.  Water remains high so wading could be difficult.  We may see more rain in the near future according to the forecasts so the water might not get much better before it goes completely brown again.


10/14/16 Update:

The rain has stopped for now but the river tripled in discharge.  Recently peaked at 2280 cfs, an increase of around 1500 cfs.  It’s ugly and will likely take a couple days to clear but we’re expecting more rain today and tomorrow so the weekend is likely out of the question.  Pic from the town boat landing around 10am Friday.


10/11/16 Update:

The Klickitat is coming back into shape quickly.  It’s fly-fishable right now, a foot to a foot and a half vis.  Still has the brown tint but I’m guessing it won’t tomorrow morning.  Here’s a pic taken at 9 am this morning at the town landing.

water101116_9amWeather forecasts suggest we’ll have a limited window of fishable water.  Rain expected to start Thursday and high probability of additional rain through Sunday.  This evening through Thursday should provide fishable water though it will likely be raining on and off Thursday, likely going brown again Friday.  Good luck!