10/10/16 Update:

The river is mud this morning.  Discharge increased ~400 cfs over night.  This will likely take a couple days to clear.  We’re expecting nice sunny days today through Wednesday but more rain beginning Thursday and through the coming weekend.  Todays water at the town landing.


another update:

Looks like the Klickitat will be ugly tomorrow.  Discharge has shot up close to 100 cfs.  That’s an increase where I expect to see brown and possibly unfishable water for a day or two.  We’ll have to wait and see but Monday does not look good.

10/9/16 Update: additional info added

The forecast suggests rain on and off today and then some sun shine for Monday & Tuesday.  NOAA’s river forecast suggests a significant increase in discharge so the river might go brown on Monday.  If we’re lucky it’ll clear up quickly but don’t count on it.

Added info:  Just returned from Summit Creek and found increased turbidity up there.  Looked like around a foot of vis remaining but I’d have to guess it will get worse as the day goes on.  I believe it is raining in the upper watershed though no rain while I was up there.  Water in the lower river remains excellent.  Pic from just downstream of the steel bridge/Summit Cr.


10/8/16 Update:

The water didn’t get as bad as I anticipated.  It remains fishable in the lower river, over a foot of vis and I’d guess it’s better upriver.  Will add a pic later today.

Made a trip upriver late this morning and found the water to be much better up at Stinson and above.  Looks like the turbidity is settling out and the river is clearing.  The following pic was taken at day break at the town landing, the water is much better now.


Second update 10/7/16:

Two updates in one day, don’t think I’ve done this before.  My initial post suggested an discharge increase of about 60 cfs.  Well that has changed dramatically, looks like an increase of more like 140 cfs  which almost certainly will add color to the river.  The spike in discharge went as straight up as I’ve seen and is now dropping.

As mentioned in the previous post I was informed brown water is coming about 5 hours ago.  I did check the water as best I could after dark this evening but didn’t notice anything at the town landing around 8pm tonight.  The brown water will likely hit the town of Klicktitat in the next few hours.  So, if you hope to fish tomorrow you’d likely be best off starting up river, above Stinson or higher up.  Could be the lower river will be fishable tomorrow AM but I am not confident suggesting so.  Chances of rain tomorrow are low but much more likely on Sunday so once the current sediment flows through or settles out we’ll have good water again.  Here’s useless pic of the water I looked at this evening, it was still clear.


10/7/16 Update: Edited late afternoon

We had some hard rain last night in the lower valley so I expected to see some brown water.  Luckily the water has remained about the same, visibility is not an issue.  Just returned from Stinson and the water looked unchanged. Discharge increased about 60 cfs but no noticable color added.  This should get some fish moving if they’re down there.  Salmon fishing remains poor but steelhead fishing has been decent depending on timing and location.  No pics today.  The weekend should provide good water and I’ll update if that changes.

Edit:  Just spoke with a fisherman who came down from Summit Cr. around 2:30 pm.  He stated the water was brown up there so we must have rec’d a gully washer in the upper drainage.  I will update once I have a sense of how bad it’ll be down in the lower river and maybe add a pic or two.

10/4/16 Update:

The river remains clear and low but weather forecasts suggest we have a good chance of rain beginning this evening and continuing potential for the next 10 days.  NOAA’s  river forecast suggests the river won’t budge.  Seems to be conflicting info but I suppose if the rains we get are soft and slow and intermittent then the river might not be effected much.  The freezing levels on Adams are around 6,000 ft. through tomorrow but will slowly rise beginning Thursday which could reduce visibility by or during the coming weekend.

Overall I’d have to say the fishing has been slow.  Fall chinook numbers are nothing like the last few years but there are some steelhead being caught here and there.  It’s been an odd year so far.

Today’s water looks good.