Klickitat Trader end of season begins 11/24/16, Thanksgiving!

We have plenty rods, reels and line’s we’d like to sell in the next few weeks.  Free shipping on orders over $100.  All fly rods, reels and lines will be offered at 30% off retail prices.  Also a somewhat limited inventory of Hardy rods, both spey and single hand, and reels too.  Email me at klickrolf@centurylink.net if you’d like to know if we have what you’re looking for.

The Klickitat remains in excellent shape.  One day less than a week before the salmon/steelhead season closes on Dec. 1st.

11/17/16 Update:

The Klickitat is in perfect shape today.  This has been the strangest fall I’ve experienced here.  Much more rain than normal, I haven’t kept track but I’m certain we’ve rec’d double our normal rainfall.   We rec’d a light frost last night which I believe was the first this year.  The two previous Novembers (2014 & 2015) the river was basically iced up by mid November and fishing was not enjoyable.  Today we have sunshine and high temps in the upper 40’s.

The weather forecast suggests a 60% chance of rain for the weekend so water conditions could go south on Sunday or Monday..?

Pic from the town boat landing around 10am.


11/16/16 update:

I expected to the river to be mud today but it certainly is not.  We have a good 1.5′ vis in the lower river this morning.  Discharge increased over 600 cfs in the last 36  hours and I’ve never seen this happen without a complete blow-out.  The following pic was taken around 11 am at the town boat landing, there is some wind rippling the surface water so it might be difficult to get a good idea of conditions from the pic.

water111616There have been many questions about the fishing and I really don’t have much info since I  haven’t fished much and there hasn’t been much pressure at all.  What I can say is there are coho and steelhead in the river and if you have the time and desire to fish you certainly have a decent chance to hook into a fish or two.  The numbers of fish are way down this year so I wouldn’t expect great fishing but if you’re at the right spot at the right time you might do quite well.

11/15/16 Update:

Discharge didn’t rise by a 1000 cfs as NOAA predicted but it did rise a bunch and did it in two seperate spikes with a few hours between.  The river was fishable this morning in the area from town down but started turning brown around 1 pm in town.  Flow has risen around 600 cfs so it looks like we’ll have ugly water for a day or two.  Weather forecast looks decent, chances of rain diminishing for the next few days but it might take that long before it clears again.  Took this pic at the town landing around 1 pm. Tuesday.


11/14/16 Update:

Discharge at the gage above Leidl has started climbing fast so the river could blow out shortly.  The Pitt gage hasn’t budged as of 9:30 AM.  NOAA’s river forecast suggests discharge will increase today by over 1000 cfs which will certainly turn it into mud should they be correct. The following pic was taken at 10:30 am at the town landing.  I’m guessing it’ll get much worse by mid afternoon today and completely brown by tomorrow morning.


11/3/16 Update:

The river is in excellent shape, over 2′ vis, maybe 3′ if the sun is right.  Weather forecast suggests sunny tomorrow and a good chance of rain on Saturday.  Partly cloudy with a small chance of rain on Sunday.  Guessing the river will hold up fine if we don’t get any gully washers on Saturday.  Looks like there will be some Coho upriver as they’ve been passing Lyle falls fishway regulary recently.

Pic from around noon today at the town boat landing.