11/30/16 Update:

River has remained in excellent shape for the last week or so but the season is over for salmon and steelhead.  It’s not legally over until midnight tonight but it’s now dark outside.  I haven’t fished the Klickitat in a couple months but did go down to the water with a spey rod this evening.  I did some casting for two or three hours but didn’t have any takes.  The water was 42.4 F according to my thermometer.  Took a bunch of pics but none of them turned out to be useful.

The main reason I went down to the water to fish was because I had a demo example of the new Hardy Zephrus spey in 13’6″ 8/9 wt.  This new rod was excellent from my perspective, maybe the best I’ve ever cast.  It has a strong tip section which pics up line very nicely and delivers extremely quick and straight forward casts. Maybe the best spey I’ve ever cast.