Update: 7/27/17

Still don’t like the water a bunch but it’s fishable, even fly fishable.  This weekend is “Canyon Days” in Klickitat, our annual summer festival.  There will likely be too many people around who’ve had too much to drink or whatever.  Keep alert when driving and please visit Klickitat if you like being festive.

Took the following pic around noon today at the usual spot.  Today’s pic look quite a bit better than the last pic I posted, could be because I took it 3 hours earlier in the day, normal cycle?water72717 I picked up an old but “new to me” rod a few weeks ago and plan to try fishing it this evening.  It’s a Sage model GFL 6113 RPL 2pc rod.  Never heard of it?  Neither had I.  Lined it with a cheap Airflo Velocity 7wt. single-hand line with a 38′ belly. It’s not a two-hander but does have a short extended butt.  Gonna try to do some single hand spey casting which will be new to me though I’m very familiar with roll casting so I should be able to figure this out quickly.  Hope the line is a decent choice.

Update: 7/25/17

Here in Klickitat my thermometer tells me we hit 100F again today, third time this month reaching 100F.  The string of high’s in the 90’s is effecting the river.  Looks like less than a foot of vis around 3pm at the town landing today.  Weather forecast suggests daily highs mostly in the 90’s for the next week.  I think the normal daily cycling has begun and will be potentially useful through the weekend.  If Mt. Adams cools sufficiently at night we’ll have a window of better water daily.  The freezing level on Adams is high, around 14,000′ which is higher than the mountain so there won’t be much freezing but night time temps will drop into the 30’s & low 40’s so melt will diminish at night.  Don’t mean to suggest there will be good water, just hoping there will be.  Might get a chance to fish so I’ll be optimistic.

Pic taken around 3pm at the town boat landing.water72517

Update: 7/23/17

Yesterday the water was about perfect but today we have a little added color.  Likely due to the heat yesterday, we hit 99F here in the town of Klickitat.  Looks like daily high temps will remain in the 90’s for the next week to 10 days.  This should bring back the usual daily cycling where we see the best water in the lower river early in the day and upriver late in the day.  The haul road work was supposed to begin last week but I don’t think any in-river work occurred because the water stayed in decent fishable shape.  We expect the in-river work to begin soon and I’ll update once that happens, more info here https://www.columbialandtrust.org/haulroadupdate2017/.

The Following pic was taken around 11:30 am today, looks like at least 1.5′ vis, very fishable.water72317

Update: 7/18/2017

Looks like the river is back in shape.  Big difference in a day!  Haven’t posted much because things didn’t change much over the last few days but today it different.

Discharge dropped below 1400 cfs today.  Due to high water I haven’t fished much, tough to wade in my normal runs.  Won’t say much except the Klick is now in quite good shape, 2′ plus vis.  Here’s a pic.water71817

Update: 7/12/17

Conditions are improving.  I rec’d an email a couple days ago indicating the haul road removal work is underway and they do intend to begin “in-river” work this week.  If natural water conditions are decent they’ll be doing the in-river work at night.  If natural water conditions are poor they may continue to work throughout the day which will help get the work done quicker, makes sense to me. The forecast suggests high’s around 86F today and Thurs. Freezing levels on Mt. Adams will be over 12,000 ft. for the next week to ten days so that won’t help much. Steelhead passage over Bonneville was 309 yesterday but annual total is 7,220 while the 10 yr avg. to date is 30,566, under 25% of the 10 year average.  Chinook numbers are not lagging nearly as badly.  My prediction would suggest river conditions won’t be getting great for some time to come.  The river is fishable today, even fly fishable but not as good I’d like.  Fishing pressure is way down so if you hope to visit you won’t see many other anglers on the water.

Took the following pic this morning around 9:30 AM.  Looks like over a foot of vis but the color remains light brown/grayish. water71217b

Update: 7/10/17

Water remains about the same as in last post.  Discharge continues to drop and the normal cycling may be starting to occur.  We’re expecting high temps in the 80’s for most of this week and then into the 90’s for the weekend.  About 6 to 10 inches of vis at the town landing around 11:30am today, here’s a pic.water71017

Update: 7/7/17

Pretty muddy today and I’m guessing it’ll stay that way through the weekend.  Flows came up a bit likely because of the heat we’ve been having.  Took the following pic at the town boat landing, the rocks are barely visible. water7717

Update: 7/5/17

Looks like the conditions are improving somewhat.  Took a good look at the water in town around 1pm today and I’d guess it’s close to 2 feet of vis.  A local angler was fishing the run and he mentioned hooking a few fish in the last week.  He was swinging a dark fly off a light sink tip.

The weather forecast for the next couple weeks suggests high daily temps staying in the upper 80’s to mid 90’s so we’ll continue to see some glacial influence.  The normal day/night cycling hasn’t shown up yet.  Remember, there will be more work removing more of the old haul road between Leidl and Stinson.  There will be some “in-river” work that will mess the water up but I don’t know when that will occur.  I hope to get out this evening or tomorrow but it’s too hot for me mid-day.  Here’s a pic of the water at the town boat landing.  It might look like a dramatic improvement but flows have also dropped since I last posted so the rocks become clearer but the water, not so much.water7517Same water yesterday (7/4/17), a little later in the day.water7417